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I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How did they do it?

Lynn's Weigh: One Thing: "Most people who lose weight – whether it’s the first or 100th time – have “One Thing” in common: a comment, an incident, a photograph or something..."

that's some of what she said..err.. wrote on her blog.

I adore what she did. She look stunningly beautiful now.

She lives in the USA. I live in Malaysia. Does she know Malaysia? Does she even heard of Malaysia? Well, never really care. :)) The one thing in common between is; we are a mother. Though she has teenagers that drove her weight loss challenge, I have kids; young kids! How can I live and pursuit life's happiness when I am obese? How can I make sure, that I can live a longer, happy lives with my kids, when I am obese? That's what struck my need of changing. My goal of losing weight. Though it has started and only 15kg's (about 33 pounds) lost, it has opened up my eyes. To see a new me in a mirror, reflecting something sweet and nice and indescribable.

The same thing happened to Ms. Amanda from but I envy her for she had lost her weight by running! I love running. I was not a professional runner, was not a record holder either but hey, I ran! I have already started running (well, jog, to be exact) with my kids, once a while. We can't do it everyday or every week because of school and work (my husband) but we tried to do it as often as we could. When my husband said 'you look beautiful when you run' I may just grin but deep down inside me, I'm overjoyed!

I am lucky though, for I'm a stay-at-home-mom. I cook my meal. My family's meal. I don't really like to eat out or buy a take-out. Well, I do, sometimes. But not making it a habit. Malaysian dishes are variety of tempting, delicious and fattening! The oil, the sugar, the coconut milk, the salt used in the food is somewhat to be watched and controlled.

I'm scared, honestly. Scared of 'leaving' my kids and family too early. I want to see them grow, to watch them graduates, get married and I want to be called 'Opah' (grandmother) by their kids. I want to spend good old-days with my husband. Of course, it is all God's will... only if Allah's will.

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