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I support breast feeding!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

pantun, in english?

last night, my hubby and i spent our time shaking the bedroom with laughter and tears. it was all started when we were talking about what we were like, back in school, years ago. told him, that i remember stating that i wanted to be an interpreter when i grow up. and my hubby suddenly got this idea. started with P. Ramlee's movies, which the subtitles were direct translations, from malay to english e.g 'intan payung' to 'diamond umbrella'.

so, we filled the night, trying hard to remember some famous malay pantuns and laughing hard following the results.

malay pantun A:-

dua tiga kucing berlari
mana nak sama si kucing belang
dua tiga boleh ku cari
mana nak sama cik adik seorang

english pantun A:-

two three cat runaway
where can be the same the striped one
two three i can find
where can be the same with you litlle miss

malay pantun B:-

sorong papan tarik papan
buah keranji dalam perahu
suruh makan saya makan
suruh mengaji saya tak tahu

english pantun B:-

push the plank, pull the plank
keranji fruit in a boat
ask me to eat and i eat
ask me to read i don't know

malay pantun C:-

buah cempedak di luar pagar
ambil galah tolong jolokkan
saya budak baru belajar
kalau salah tolong tunjukkan

english pantun C:-

the jackfruit outside the fence
take the galah, please poke it
i am a kid, just learned
if so, correct me if i'm wrong.

had enough? omg..

we stopped when i started to laugh so hard i coughed badly with tears and ran out of ideas on the english part. especially when we reached one famous malay pantun:-

kajang pak malau kajang berlipat
kajang hamba mengkuang layu
dagang pak malau dagang bertempat
dagang hamba menumpang lalu.

english, anyone?

i'm falling in love...deeply with Zahin Erza

he has grown. bright, handsome and well. i lost for words, every time i hold him in my arms. bathe him, is now quite a load. he's gaining weight! now, at 75 days old, he weighs 6kg. he cooed too, and even started to laugh. oh my! how come babies nowadays are so clever?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my, oh my...

last sunday, we went to my parents' house for buka puasa. things went well. my younger brother along with his family of 3, also joined the fun get-together ceremony.

since 1st ramadhan, we break-fast accordingly. not too much and not too little. simple, is the best word. my hubby and me, takes turn to cook. luckily we both are good in cooking. :)

wanna know what happen today?

my little darling got a quite severe cut on her right little finger. due to deliberately poking into a working medium-blowing fan. she got me panicked for a few minutes. she cried continuosly for half an hour. i know. it hurts. the blood spurs on the floor and smeared the computer desk. her sweet small finger..oh my. i used my t-shirt to stop the bleeding and that stained it badly. nevermind my t-shirt.

currently, she is sitting on this computer desk, singing loudly. she seem to have forgotten the pain. poor darling. why is she so full of curiosity? she's only 2!

Friday, August 21, 2009

we live by the rules- but then, rules are made to be broken..

that was what we (my hubby and me) were discussing about when we went out for a date yesterday (Thursday, Aug 20).

well, we weren't discussing it seriously, though. it was just occurred when we met bunch of drivers who were driving so slow near the interchange exits, honking without manners, driving like a tortoise among a rapidly moving vehicles and such. and it happened yesterday.

and in our beautiful 6-hour-limited-time date yesterday, we also talked about rules in our lives; amongst family and children. funny, we thought. for we couldn't missed talking about our beloved children, even though we were on a date (well, not really a date for baby zahin was also around).

we went to the bank for a while. just to drop off something. then my ex colleagues held us a moment, for they wanted to see zahin. about 15 mins, and we took off. straight to Mid Valley.
we parked at The Gardens, for there was no parking available at the MV. full! we wonder why did that happen. isn't Thurday a weekday? it was only 3pm and yet the parking lots were full. left us no choice, we headed to the premier parking at The Gardens. more comfy, of course. but the charges, made us shook our heads.

there was nothing much activity we had actually. just a sightseeing, snack eating and some shopping. he fell in love with a pair of shoe at Aldo (The Garden mall) but the cost was RM300++. he didn't buy it. save it for later. wait till there's a discount. then we went to MJ at MV. there papa bought a baju melayu from alain delon. it was stunningly beautiful for i couldn't let him wait till later to buy it. then we bought some gift, for the children. and me? i got sloggi undies. ha ha ha..

we had our snack at Belanga and i had ice cream later on. we left the beautiful and heart throbbing The Gardens around 7pm. being charged RM9 for the parking. but one thing i can't forget regarding the parking fee is what my hubby said to me about it. he said 'RM9 is nothing, compared to the sweet moments i spent with my wife today.'

now tell me, how can i not love this man? :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what's the different between man and woman..

this is a very common issue.

debated here and there. whether facts or fibs, as long as it involves these two unique creature of God's made, it will be a hot topic.

in my opinion, both are the same. woman will look at man as somewhat annoying and likewise, the man. why am i saying this? look at the example.

women are complicated, and sometimes petty. trivial things will most of the time annoys women, till rampantly angry and causes sulking, etc. the way women handles things happen to, around and within them are uniquely amazing.

men are awesomely simple. everything made simple and will be simple around them. they don't like these witty things and messy feelings. they like everything's in order and they don't like to take orders. they were born to be leaders. it's either they will be the good ones, or bad ones, they decide.

God made us unique. each and everyone of us. so, be wise and stop blaming each other. when anger collides, sit down and think calmly. not about whose fault, but about what wrongs have we done ourselves. this way, maybe the world will be a little more peaceful.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

bila waktunya sesuai...

ambil nafas dalam2. selesakan diri sebaik mungkin. tenangkan minda.

dan luahkan segala yang terbuku di dada.

itu yang aku lakukan malam tadi.

berbincang empat mata dengan suami. tatkala anak2 sudah lena dibuai mimpi. kami berdua berbicara tentang keluarga, tentang hidup, tentang masa depan, hingga jam 1 pagi.

mungkin kesimpulan dari perbincangan itu, tidak sepenuhnya seperti apa yang diharapkan. tapi situasi demikian sudah cukup memberi kelegaan pada perasaan. akhirnya, yang dituntut adalah persefahaman.

sudah ada sifat2 tolak ansur dan bersedia dengan cabaran sedemikian?

maka anda sudah siap untuk mengharung bahtera kehidupan. moga segalanya dipermudahkan.

p/s: papa, thanks for lending me your ears and willing to accept whats this and that..

what is wrong being a housewife?

well, nothing is wrong, of course.

cuma ianya satu tugas yang menuntut kesabaran yang maha tinggi.

kelihatannya seperti mudah, santai dan boleh bersenang lenang.
kedengarannya seperti sekadar goyang kaki.


takde lah susah sepanjang masa.
ada waktu, santai juga.
ada ketika, relax adanya.
ada saatnya, goyang2 kaki juga.

cuma kena sabar dengan banyak perkara. kena pandai juga mengurus masa.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

darling dah pandai mengarut dan berlakon..

lawak gila budak ni.

semalam, masa keluarga mertua aku datang makan2 kat umah, darling menunjuk laku. of course, dia mmg comel. heheheh..

bila mereka semua dah balik, abg yad dia ikut sekali, dia mungkin terasa kosong. maklum, geng bergaduh takde, dah ikut tok ki dgn wan. lalu, masa papa bertelefon, darling juga berlakon. bertelefon juga but using a tv remote as her phone. muehehehhehe..sungguh2 lak tu dia bercerita. siap ada assalamualaikum lagi..

one more thing dia pandai..

membebel macam mak nenek with this word:-

Ya Allah...! (her version surely like this: ya awwaaahhh...)



this pic was taken by my 3-year-old boy, Ziyad

i don't want to put on a pacifier (puting) to my baby Zahin. but it's been 2 days now, he's been wanting to keep on nursed. mana larat beb! tak buat keje la aku...but this is a great challenge for me. breastfeeding him and at the same time have to look after other 3 of my children, to check out on house chores, cook, BATH, and lots more. being a mother is not just giving birth and then let the faith control the flow. YOU have to be aware and let yourself control the flow, with faith as your sidekick. uhh..sounds easy eh? blah! it's not!

guess i have to try to put on pacifier on Zahin today. agaknya la. my heart still forbid it. why? coz i don't want his looks changed. you know, children on pacifiers normally 'jongang'. the formations of the jaw and teeth will evolve following the action of the mouth while sucking on the pacifier. tu yang aku tak nak tu!! lucky the pacifier isn't in stock. have to ask my hubby to buy it. asked already actually. but depends on my ability to hold back, to strain myself from letting him to pacify. weighing almost 6kg at 2 months old, Zahin nursed well. maybe because i ate well. me? eating well? no lah..often skips and eats whenever i have the time. i hang on to milo or horlicks, if i'm hungry but not enough time to eat properly. it's okay. i'll try to eat properly. and maybe Zahin will nurse properly too. ha ha ha!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

sedikit promo berkenaan Jus Diet Mate5..

friends, it works. truly. kalau berkenan, contact me, ok?

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

what goes around, comes around..remember that it mind.

i have once told this one person deary to my heart the statement above.

the person who had created a mini-scene (so called) in my life. who made statements towards me like everything around me and anything about me, lingers around the person's fingertips.

a couple of weeks ago, i found out about the same thing (somebody who was close to that person, made alike statement, claiming that he/she knows best about that person's life) and that person put a distance from that somebody.

and around a few days back, that somebody being treated the same by other fella, who's close enough to know almost everything about that somebody.

huh...funny ehh??

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Zahin Erza

a-een (panggilan utk zahin) dah makin debab. minggu depan dia akan mencecah usia 2 bulan but he weigh 5.5kg already. imagine how struggling i am, bathing him at the sink! if ever his father home, i'll ask him to bathe a-een. tak larat beb!

i can't wait actually, to see him grow. he's a magnificent child. i sense something special and extra charm in him. i can't help it but always say that he's so cute and handsome. he's bright and clever. looking at him, asleep or awake sends pleasure and calmness. he is a miracle indeed. he brought surprise and adding joy and happiness in our lives. he completes me. he completes my love. and he proves how mighty Allah is.

well, i must say and admit that all my children ARE bright. i love them so much. especially when they would suddenly shock us with something we could never imagine coming out from their cute little mouth. you'd stunned, by their brightness. of course, due to the brightness, i often mouth-fight with them. that's what we call a mom's ego. ha ha ha!

be a mother, and you'll understand what i mean. be a good mother, and you'll feel the greatness in them that God gave to you, and only you.

p/s: to Puan Farrah Aiza, congratulations on your newborn baby boy, last August 6, 2009. Selamat berpantang, Fara!!! (somehow i felt we are so close while we actually never met and just communicate thru YM or sms. weird, eh?)

Friday, August 7, 2009

one of my everyday joy.. (daa..???!!)

darling tak sihat. muntah2, lepas makan nasi tadi. sedang aku urus darling di bilik air, yad menjengah. biasalah..nyibuk. aku suh dia pegi depan, jgn sibuk kat dapur (sebab dia bukan boleh tgk org muntah ke, kencing ke, berak ke, kang dia plak nak termuntah), dia masih mundar mandir depan pintu bilik air. dah selesai dgn darling, aku keluar je bilik air, yad berlari ke depan. sambil mulut buat bunyi kereta F1.


gedegang!! keta F1 dia berlanggar. dia trip kat bantal yang bersepah tgh jalan dan terus melanggar pintu gril. mujur bukan sliding door yang di langgar. meraung tak ingat.

dan aku? aku cakap, padan muka! dah setel pakaikan baju darling (dia muntahkan) aku tengok yad. nahhhh, hambek. benjol dan sedikit luka kat dahi. bibir pecah kat dalam. mujur juga gigi tak patah.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

aku suka tengok anak2 tidur..sangat menenangkan

tenang sungguh tengok diorang tido. macam2 style, kan? hehehe


malam tadi. dalia dan dalili dah tido dalam bilik; dedua demam. zahin biasalah tido juga, tapi di sofa. ziyad, selagi aku tak mask bilik, dia macam kera kena belacan. sudahnya aku suh dia lepak dloo kat depan. pastuh dia ngantuk, aku suh dia tido dlm bilik, dia takmau. dia baring sebelah zahin. aku tgh layan CSI:NY. memula aku tengok dia pun layan tv, sekali lagi aku toleh, dia sudah lena. dan gambar ini berjaya aku snap. sejuk je hati aku nengoknya.

sayang anak2 mama!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sekadar meluah rasa...

ustaz md asri cakap, sahabat (aku lupa lak namanya) rasulullah s.a.w berkata, berzakatlah kamu sehingga kaya.

maksudnya, mereka yang berharta ini, hendaklah terus berzakat sehingga tiada mereka yang miskin wujud di bumi allah ini.

aku syukur sangat aku hidup sederhana dan tidak dalam kategori miskin. aku syukur juga, suami aku agak kerap berzakat walau kami tidak sekaya dato menteri.

yang jadi persoalannya sekarang, apa yang org berada buat, samada berzakat atau tidak, itu urusan dia dgn tuhan.

hal pusat zakat pula, tugasnya untuk mengagihkan zakat kepada mereka yang memerlukan. mereka yang dikategori sebagai susah/miskin.

tengok tv, tengok di jalanan, tengok juga sekeliling, masih ada mereka yang susah. yang miskin dan merempat. kenapa hal ini terjadi, ya?

negara kita masih bersepah orang yang susah dan menadah simpati. bila ada yang susah, mintak derma dan sebagainya untuk pelbagai kes dan sebab, punyalah susah nak dapat bantuan.


bila negara luar ditimpa bencana, nahhhh...laju je bantuan menyusur. hasil titik peluh kerja, pendapatan negara keluar macam air. digembar-gembur sampai merata dunia dapat tahu. mereka yang terkial-kial kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang terus makan hati. mungkin juga bercucuran airmata, terasa dianaktiri. pelik, kan?

inilah bak kata bidalan 'kera di hutan disusukan, anak dirumah kelaparan'.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

lempeng..lempeng dan lempeng...

sudah 3 hari berturut-turut aku masak lempeng.

sementara ada butter sebuku. tepung sebungkus dan susu sekotak.

anak2 aku memang suka lempeng. senang tapi leceh. bahan2 sgt mudah. tapi nak menunggu masaknya tu leceh. api kene kecik, tunggu kena lama. nak buat 10 biji, ambik masa setengah jam lamanya. dan tak dan penuh pinggan, ada je tangan menadah, menunggu. tu yang bikin hangin tuh...heheheh..

today, actually takde plan nak buat lempeng. but disebabkan my hubby tak sihat and dia request lempeng, maka aku buat la jugak. dia makan dengan peanut butter. perghhh...tgk pon sedap.

tapi, aku tak makan lempeng. ntah kenapa.

Monday, August 3, 2009

perubahan yang kelihatan..

ziyad dah ok sket. kalau sebelum ni sejak ada zahin, dia asyik merengek dan mengamuk tak tentu pasal, sekaran dah kurang. masih juga lagi ada hanger yang patah (hanger lama, dah reput pun) bila dia buat hal. tapi terima kasih banyak pada rancangan Wanita Hari Ini yang mana memaparkan topik berkaitan anak2. professor itu amat membantu dalam hal aku mengurus kerenah anak setiap hari.

caranya? patut dah lama praktik. cume sejak ada zahin, aku macam lebih banyak perhatian pada si kecik. mungkin anak2 terasa diabai. dan ekspresi kekecewaan atau mungkin iri hati mereka dilepaskan dengan cara masing2, yang menambah stress aku dalam berhadapan dengan mereka.

dan dalam seminggu ni, aku dah banyak sabar. bila yad mengamuk, aku peluk dan redakan kemarahan dia. secara tak langsung, aku juga reda. sayu hati aku bila suatu ptg, sewaktu aku sedang sibuk dengan zahin, yad memandang aku dengan pandangan yang seolah penuh persoalan dan amarah. namun matanya menunjukkan kesayuan. bila selesai aku susukan zahin dan uruskan dia, aku tanya ziyad, kenapa pandang aku begitu. apa sebabnya dia mengamuk, memberontak. dan jawapan dia amat menusuk hati aku. aku jadi pilu.

"yad rindu mama.."

dan itu juga pencetus aku untuk jadi lebih terbuka dan lebih sabar dengan kerenah anak2. meski tekanannya amat tinggi, aku cuba. aku mau jadi ibu yang baik dan hebat pd pandangan anak2 aku. peduli pada tanggapan dan pandangan orang lain. keluarga aku lebih penting.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Zahin Erza - at 45 days

beratnya sudah mencecah 5kg. tersangatlah kerap menyusu. menjaganya juga senang. alhamdulillah. setakat ni, tak banyak ragam. dah pandai senyum2. dah pandai juga minta dilayan. sangat suka dipeluk dan dicium. and most shockingly, he is now cooing. cooing tu apa? talk. yang bunyi 'aa..khe..' tu..

oh ya..btw, gambar di atas ni, ceritanya ada di sini.

comel ke? muka mcm ziyad kekecik dloo.. anak2 aku ni, sepesen jek.. mueheheheh...

buah hati cinta sayang

malam tadi aku buat kejutan.

sebelum sampai ke tempat yang di tuju, perasaan tetap gedebuk gedebak.

ya..malam tadi kami sekeluarga ke rumah mak.

kids looked happy. mum's looked surprised. we were welcomed, undoubtedly.


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