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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my, oh my...

last sunday, we went to my parents' house for buka puasa. things went well. my younger brother along with his family of 3, also joined the fun get-together ceremony.

since 1st ramadhan, we break-fast accordingly. not too much and not too little. simple, is the best word. my hubby and me, takes turn to cook. luckily we both are good in cooking. :)

wanna know what happen today?

my little darling got a quite severe cut on her right little finger. due to deliberately poking into a working medium-blowing fan. she got me panicked for a few minutes. she cried continuosly for half an hour. i know. it hurts. the blood spurs on the floor and smeared the computer desk. her sweet small finger..oh my. i used my t-shirt to stop the bleeding and that stained it badly. nevermind my t-shirt.

currently, she is sitting on this computer desk, singing loudly. she seem to have forgotten the pain. poor darling. why is she so full of curiosity? she's only 2!

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