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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what's the different between man and woman..

this is a very common issue.

debated here and there. whether facts or fibs, as long as it involves these two unique creature of God's made, it will be a hot topic.

in my opinion, both are the same. woman will look at man as somewhat annoying and likewise, the man. why am i saying this? look at the example.

women are complicated, and sometimes petty. trivial things will most of the time annoys women, till rampantly angry and causes sulking, etc. the way women handles things happen to, around and within them are uniquely amazing.

men are awesomely simple. everything made simple and will be simple around them. they don't like these witty things and messy feelings. they like everything's in order and they don't like to take orders. they were born to be leaders. it's either they will be the good ones, or bad ones, they decide.

God made us unique. each and everyone of us. so, be wise and stop blaming each other. when anger collides, sit down and think calmly. not about whose fault, but about what wrongs have we done ourselves. this way, maybe the world will be a little more peaceful.


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