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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Friday, August 21, 2009

we live by the rules- but then, rules are made to be broken..

that was what we (my hubby and me) were discussing about when we went out for a date yesterday (Thursday, Aug 20).

well, we weren't discussing it seriously, though. it was just occurred when we met bunch of drivers who were driving so slow near the interchange exits, honking without manners, driving like a tortoise among a rapidly moving vehicles and such. and it happened yesterday.

and in our beautiful 6-hour-limited-time date yesterday, we also talked about rules in our lives; amongst family and children. funny, we thought. for we couldn't missed talking about our beloved children, even though we were on a date (well, not really a date for baby zahin was also around).

we went to the bank for a while. just to drop off something. then my ex colleagues held us a moment, for they wanted to see zahin. about 15 mins, and we took off. straight to Mid Valley.
we parked at The Gardens, for there was no parking available at the MV. full! we wonder why did that happen. isn't Thurday a weekday? it was only 3pm and yet the parking lots were full. left us no choice, we headed to the premier parking at The Gardens. more comfy, of course. but the charges, made us shook our heads.

there was nothing much activity we had actually. just a sightseeing, snack eating and some shopping. he fell in love with a pair of shoe at Aldo (The Garden mall) but the cost was RM300++. he didn't buy it. save it for later. wait till there's a discount. then we went to MJ at MV. there papa bought a baju melayu from alain delon. it was stunningly beautiful for i couldn't let him wait till later to buy it. then we bought some gift, for the children. and me? i got sloggi undies. ha ha ha..

we had our snack at Belanga and i had ice cream later on. we left the beautiful and heart throbbing The Gardens around 7pm. being charged RM9 for the parking. but one thing i can't forget regarding the parking fee is what my hubby said to me about it. he said 'RM9 is nothing, compared to the sweet moments i spent with my wife today.'

now tell me, how can i not love this man? :)

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