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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Zahin Erza

a-een (panggilan utk zahin) dah makin debab. minggu depan dia akan mencecah usia 2 bulan but he weigh 5.5kg already. imagine how struggling i am, bathing him at the sink! if ever his father home, i'll ask him to bathe a-een. tak larat beb!

i can't wait actually, to see him grow. he's a magnificent child. i sense something special and extra charm in him. i can't help it but always say that he's so cute and handsome. he's bright and clever. looking at him, asleep or awake sends pleasure and calmness. he is a miracle indeed. he brought surprise and adding joy and happiness in our lives. he completes me. he completes my love. and he proves how mighty Allah is.

well, i must say and admit that all my children ARE bright. i love them so much. especially when they would suddenly shock us with something we could never imagine coming out from their cute little mouth. you'd stunned, by their brightness. of course, due to the brightness, i often mouth-fight with them. that's what we call a mom's ego. ha ha ha!

be a mother, and you'll understand what i mean. be a good mother, and you'll feel the greatness in them that God gave to you, and only you.

p/s: to Puan Farrah Aiza, congratulations on your newborn baby boy, last August 6, 2009. Selamat berpantang, Fara!!! (somehow i felt we are so close while we actually never met and just communicate thru YM or sms. weird, eh?)

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