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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Erza Dalia & Erza Dalili

both are my beloved princesses. they have their own characteristic and i love them.

Dalia is 5 and now can be relied on to look after her younger siblings (don't put full responsibility on her, she's just 5!). well, only for a few minutes, of course. sometimes her over confidence in 'handling' the situation between her young siblings held me aback and gasping for air. how do you feel when a 5-year-old, 16kg's girl carried out from bedroom her 4 1/2 months old, 7.5kg's brother to the living room? well, i was shocked. see, she was so confidence in herself. i was in the kitchen, preparing hi-tea (duhhh!). it was almost 5.30pm and they were all in the bedroom (luckily the bedroom is downstairs and it only took her about 10-15 steps to the living room), just awoke from their day nap. i was afraid she would stumble on something and fell. it would injure both of them. only God knows how i felt that time. but hey, she showed that she's a big sis and she can be counted on, right? i did compliment her and at the same time asked her not to do it again for it was such a dangerous act for both of them. she seem to understand, I hope. ha ha ha!

and my little Lili..(we call her Darling)

goodness. she's so adorable. being the 3rd one, she's so hard headed. wise and full of funny ideas. whiny too. she loves singing. and she can sing any songs. even something you never heard of. yup..she creates songs. a composer one day? who knows. one thing for sure, her acts, her behaviour is actually unexplainable. if only i have a cctv. then i'd display all her doings, everyday!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

whose fault?

i know. been in the situation. even though it doesn't come everyday, every came. once, twice, several times.

i hate pointing fingers. i understand. and that's what i expected to be getting from others around me, too. UNDERSTANDING.

well, maybe this is just His saying, His sign, telling me i've done wrongs and its time for punishment. and He punishes me, His way of what He knows i can endure.

accepted, Ya Allah..humbly.

Friday, October 23, 2009

untuk mereka yang bakal mendirikan rumah tangga...

note: i got this via email. kalau ada yang arif tentang hadis2 rasulullah, tolong confirmkan ya..

RASULULLAH S.A.W. ADAB UZ-ZIFAF Ahmad telah menceritakan :

"Telah menceritakan kepada kami oleh 'Amru bin Hafsah dan Abu Naar dari Muhammad bin Al-Haitham dari Ishak bin Hanjih, dari Husaif dari Mujahid daripada
Al-Khudri yang berkata : "Rasulullah s.a.w. telah berwasiat kepada Saidina Ali bin Abi Talib r.a di mana baginda telah bersabda : "Wahai Ali, bila pengantin perempuan masuk ke dalam rumahmu, maka (suruh ia) tanggalkan kasutnya ketika ia duduk dan (suruh ia) membasuh kedua-dua kakinya . Maka sesungguhnya apabilakamu berbuat demikian Allah mengeluarkan tujuh puluh (70 ) jenis kefaqiran dari rumah kamu,! dan Allah s.w.t. menurunkan tujuh puluh ( 70 ) rahmat yang sentiasa menaungi di atas kepala pengantin sehingga sentiasa keberkatan itu meratai setiap penjuru rumahmu dan pengantin itu sejahtera dari penyakit gila, sawan (gila babi) dan sopak selama mana ia berada di dalam rumah tersebut. Laranglah pengantin itu daripada
memakan dan meminum empat ( 4 ) jenis makanan ini pada minggu pertama perkahwinan iaitu :

1. Susu

2. Cuka

3. Coriander (Ketumbar)

4. Apple Masam

Saidina Ali r.a bertanya : "Wahai Rasulullah, mengapakah empat jenis makanan ini di larang..?"

Baginda menjawab : "Kerana rahim perempuan itu kering dan sejuk, dengan sebab dari empat perkara (makanan) ini untuk menghalang dari dapat anak. Sesungguhnya
tikar di penjuru rumah adalah lebih baik daripada perempuan yang tidak dapat anak."

Saidina Ali r.a ! bertanya : "Wahai rasulullah, mengapakah cuka itu di larang..? (semasa haid dan semasa minggu pertama perkahwinan) ."

Baginda menjawab : "Apabila ia minum cuka semasa haid, sesungguhnya haidnya itu tidak akan bersih selama-lamanya secara sempurna .

Mengenai Coriander (ketumbar) ia mengganggu haid di dalam perutnya dan menyukarkan kepadanya kelahiran .

Tentang Apple masam, ia memotong haid sebelum masanya
maka menjadikan haid itu berlalu begitu saja dengan


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

weird things, incredible things? happened twice, today..

this morning, around 10a.m my house had a unique visitor. they were two of 'them'. i think they were from the Warblers family. (do warblers travel till this far? to malaysia?)

wondering who? nope, it should be 'what'.

they were birds, small birds. 2 of them, singing loudly and happily flapping their wings in front of my door! hovering and should i say 'loitering' around my porch for about 5 minutes! it was an awesome sight. i was stunned with excitement and big grin on my face. well, i do love birds. not crows, ok..not in my list. to add up spices, early this morning the Magpies too, were singing happily on the neighbour's antenna across my house. do they know i just love watching them? i was suddenly in happy mood, even though i was annoyed earlier on.

it's incredible, on how small creature can change someone's mood, day or even world!

now, let's talk about something bad that happened (unfortunately, today).

my outside wall, being peed on! what the F!! hate to accuse, but it's definitely human pee. but of whom could it be? it stained my wall, like when a guy peed on the side wall of any buildings anywhere. but one question lingering in my head; 'whose is that tall?' my hubby is 5' 7", but the stained was not even parallel to normal human groin level. it was like, urmm... someone, standing on top of someone, just to pee on my wall.

weird? yeah..definitely!

Monday, October 19, 2009

lama sangat rasanya...

it looks like MY plan in continuing my study in language proficiency will be postponed, again. why? this is due to financial condition and of course, zahin is still nursing. well, knowledge can be obtained anytime, anywhere no matter what condition i'm in, right?

now, let's talk about a-een (zahin).

he is one of the reasons my blog isn't updated for quite sometime. i am busy handling the kids, and zahin the utmost. good God, he's developing sooner than expected. he manage to put me in awe, every time i spend time with him. watching him grow, carrying his smile and look in my dream every night, weighing him and felt heavy every time i bathe him, and listening to his giggles and cries everyday. and my heart almost stopped whenever i was 'tested' in feeling of losing him. you know, sometimes i do feel like that. i'm scared actually, to pour all my love; heart and soul to my family, especially my kids. i'm scared of losing them. and a-een caught me. i fall in love deeply with him everyday. he's so nice, so kind and so understanding. even he's only 4 months old!

last friday was my mum's open house. it was great. mum will do it almost every year. to cope demands from her staff and colleagues. when mum's house is open for hari raya, it will be a battalion attack! two branches of LHDN's will storming in, PJ and Shah Alam. and to add the suspence, our food was in critical condition! tak cukup beb!! mujur la bab sedara mara belah malamnya, tak ramai yang nak melantak sangat and we spent most of the time chatting and updating each other's situations. the next day, i was all flat out. kalau aku yang tak seberapa tu pun penat, mak apatah lagi. her house is not that grand, but it's a standard 22 x 75. to go and fro the front and back, is totally tiring. plus, since it was a feast, every move needs to be fast. no slow pace area! luckily, my children were all behaving themselves. a-een especially. asleep by the time we arrive, woke up when the 1st batch of guests gone, asleep after breastfeeding, woke up again at 6pm when the crowds' clear and asleep again till 9pm. fed him again and he continued asleep till we reach home later that night. baik, kan? hehehe...

it was fun..and tiring too!

btw, i brought pudding for my mum's feast and it was gone in a blink of an eye. ha ha ha..never thought it would be so good, for a first timer!

Friday, October 2, 2009


gila seronok raya nih...tgk gambar je la ye..

venue: our home
date : 20/09/2009 (1 Syawal 1430)
occasion: AidilFitri & bday celebration (Erza Dalia 5, Erza Dalili 2)


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