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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Erza Dalia & Erza Dalili

both are my beloved princesses. they have their own characteristic and i love them.

Dalia is 5 and now can be relied on to look after her younger siblings (don't put full responsibility on her, she's just 5!). well, only for a few minutes, of course. sometimes her over confidence in 'handling' the situation between her young siblings held me aback and gasping for air. how do you feel when a 5-year-old, 16kg's girl carried out from bedroom her 4 1/2 months old, 7.5kg's brother to the living room? well, i was shocked. see, she was so confidence in herself. i was in the kitchen, preparing hi-tea (duhhh!). it was almost 5.30pm and they were all in the bedroom (luckily the bedroom is downstairs and it only took her about 10-15 steps to the living room), just awoke from their day nap. i was afraid she would stumble on something and fell. it would injure both of them. only God knows how i felt that time. but hey, she showed that she's a big sis and she can be counted on, right? i did compliment her and at the same time asked her not to do it again for it was such a dangerous act for both of them. she seem to understand, I hope. ha ha ha!

and my little Lili..(we call her Darling)

goodness. she's so adorable. being the 3rd one, she's so hard headed. wise and full of funny ideas. whiny too. she loves singing. and she can sing any songs. even something you never heard of. yup..she creates songs. a composer one day? who knows. one thing for sure, her acts, her behaviour is actually unexplainable. if only i have a cctv. then i'd display all her doings, everyday!


LittleTati said...

write more kak era! :)

eraerzarusli said...


more? how i'd love to! but time is so short on me to be sitting in front of my pc and squeezing ideas to be poured into writings.

will try..ok? ;)


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