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I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

weird things, incredible things? happened twice, today..

this morning, around 10a.m my house had a unique visitor. they were two of 'them'. i think they were from the Warblers family. (do warblers travel till this far? to malaysia?)

wondering who? nope, it should be 'what'.

they were birds, small birds. 2 of them, singing loudly and happily flapping their wings in front of my door! hovering and should i say 'loitering' around my porch for about 5 minutes! it was an awesome sight. i was stunned with excitement and big grin on my face. well, i do love birds. not crows, ok..not in my list. to add up spices, early this morning the Magpies too, were singing happily on the neighbour's antenna across my house. do they know i just love watching them? i was suddenly in happy mood, even though i was annoyed earlier on.

it's incredible, on how small creature can change someone's mood, day or even world!

now, let's talk about something bad that happened (unfortunately, today).

my outside wall, being peed on! what the F!! hate to accuse, but it's definitely human pee. but of whom could it be? it stained my wall, like when a guy peed on the side wall of any buildings anywhere. but one question lingering in my head; 'whose is that tall?' my hubby is 5' 7", but the stained was not even parallel to normal human groin level. it was like, urmm... someone, standing on top of someone, just to pee on my wall.

weird? yeah..definitely!

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