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I support breast feeding!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

pesanan untuk anak2..(part 1)

nanti kalau dah dewasa...dah pandai membaca, even dah kahwin dan beranak pinak semua, jenguk2 blog mama, ya..

Erza Dalia,

just a note here my dear princess. u brought joyous moment in my life. having you as my first child, is a blessed. i remember saying that u r the most beautiful baby in the world. coz u r mine, of course. there are in fact so many beautiful babies out there but you, are the love of my life. you are the symbol of how much i love your father. as to your father. he loves you dearly, dalia. so much. it shows in every words, actions and reactions he takes on you. i love u too. i watch you dearly in a way you won't notice. because I'm a mother. and i have 3 other children to give attention to. i have to be equal. why i state this out? because i don't want you to feel left out whatever or whenever the situation may be in the future. because, you my dear are a bit the same with me in the inside. your every move and ideas, i somehow can predict. i state this because i don't want you to rebel, like i did. for you'll regret, one day. i state this because i once felt (or still feel?) neglected by my parents (your atuk and opah laa..). why? because they were taught differently. i guess they weren't taught to nurture and express/ show their love to their children, as their parents. and as the result, i felt neglected. but when they turning mature, and one by one their children got married, i think they began to realise or maybe (i said MAYBE) feeling a bit empty. as in losing somebody dear to them. I'm not saying that atuk and opah doesn't love me. as parents, they do..i know. sape tak sayang anak oiiii!! same goes to you, dalia. i love you so much. if u ever felt burdened by whatever we asked you to do regarding you other siblings, it's simply because we trust you and because we know your capability. but hey! whenever we asked you NOT to, that means we were afraid it might hurt you, physically or mentally. bear that in mind, ok dear? we love you, we do.

Ziyad Erza,

boy, u r one good gift from above! we were waiting for you in excitement. to have a boy, is some what a proud moment for every parents. and ziyad, you are also a hard-to-handle boy. you are loving and soft-hearted but also stubborn and sensitive. easily cried, i'd say. but you are also very strong at heart. i love to see how much you love your young sis and bro. the way you evolve and behave around them, put me in awe. you are also protective and picky! unlike your sister, dalia who's more friendlier. but i won't forget the two scenes in life regarding the two of you. scenes where dalia showed her emotion out towards you, ziyad. how she cared and concerned.
  1. when ziyad were cycling recklessly and hit the wall
  2. when we went out for dinner at jeram, while we were waiting for our order, i took them (except zahin, stayed with papa) to the small jetty there. where we can see the fishermens boat and i told them a bit about fishing. the jetty is fully concreted and the gap between the side pillar (the small ones) were quite spacey. i was warning the kids not to put their head or their legs out for their slippers or them, themselves might fell down to the muddy slope, when suddenly dalia was breathing heavily with eyes red saying 'abis cemana dgn yad punya selipar ni?' Just then i realised, that one of ziyad's slippers had already fell off down there. goodness!!!! how on earth??!! i haven't finished warning! i went down to get it but hell i was too heavy that the muddy slope couldn't hold me. i nagged all the way back to our table. luckily my hubby was in a very good mood that day. he calmly and with smile on his face went down and proudly showed me the slipper he managed to get back. are lighter. then only dalia stop crying. while ziyad? emotionless. cried only because i twitched his ear. and because i got mad with him.
Yad, do take care of your sister and other siblings whenever needed. you hold a big responsibility as the eldest son. mama loves you. you are bright and funny too. papa loves you too. it's just that you two have a little in commons, that most of the times both of you seems unacquainted each other. only God knows how i was touched whenever the sight of you and your father had a great moments together, appears.

how i love all of much.

to be continued..

Friday, November 27, 2009

Salam Aidil Adha - knp tak terasa meriahnya?

serius. terbaik rasanya bila aidil adha disambut meriah di tanah suci. malangnya, rezeki utk jejak kaki ke sana belum ada lagi. eh..takde la malang, kan? nak seribu hubby and i made plans. we would like to visit Makkah insya Allah in 3 years time. then kalau kesihatan alhamdulillah, rezeki melimpah, nak melawat juga 7 wonders of the world tu. ke dah 8 skrg?

me, as usual is busy with kids and chores. at the mo, no recording deals..yet. in short, my part of job is not here, yet. my hubby's part btw, doesn't seem to slowing down. he's busy, almost everyday. and in weekend, especially. in fact, he's currently at work, now..

we went to my in laws this morning. just for a while for my hubby have to leave for Jumaat and work afterwards. thought of going to my mom's but they were on their way to PD. *sigh*

didn't i mention that today isn't as merry?

i wanted to cook rendang but my hubby asked me not to. just mashed potato, that we brought to his parent's house this morning to be paired with his mother's roasted chicken. btw, my mom-in-law is a wonderful cook. she cooks delicious meals, every time. in a way, that sort of encourage me to be a better cook. i cook well (my hubby said so) in western meals, but poor in local dishes. tried and still trying. but hey, i cook udang masak lemak cili api deliciously! and not to forget sambal ayam (hubby's fav), asam pedas, goreng berlada and masak merah.

i'm actually trying to not being bored. pardon my rubbish post. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ALERT!! please take note..

check out this number please, for those who have the ability to do so.

012-933 7885

stop disturbing me, ok. if you are some what a long lost friend of mine, confess. if not, go to hell!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I've been wanting to write this for a long time...

  1. why there are still dumbs driving cars? how do they passed their test? how did they get their license? driving at night, watch and count on how many car drivers that doesn't turn their headlights on. things as simple as that, how can you forget? it's dangerous. to all drivers on the road. isn't it a priority, to do a checklist on those 5 basic things? adjust your seat accordingly, the rear view mirror, seat belt, side mirror and headlights? haiyohhh!
  2. child abandoned, murdered. oh please. you made love, you were caught adultery, got pregnant without married, just please deliver the baby lovingly. if you don't want to carry the responsibility or you couldn't and don't have the ability (financially usually) to raise the child, do what's human suppose to do. seek help. to hell with your family if they neglected you, they're just being inhumane. be wise, please..
  3. neglecting parents. whether u have one child, or even 13 children, please take responsibility on what they are doing and where they have gone for that day. no matter you're a housewife/hubby or working parents. children are God's trust bestowed upon us. we as parents are given the responsibility to look after them, the best we could. kids/ children are somewhat and often annoying but hey, they are yours! you sort of 'ask' for it, right? again, be reasonable, be wise.
  4. girls nowadays. well, it happened before and the cycle goes on. but everytime it does, it gets greater. muslim girls (youngsters between 15-25), behave yourselves, dear. it's okay to have boyfriends, special or not but behaviour is a must. especially those whose wearing tudung. pretty and sweet, don't destroy the beautiful sight by hugging your bf in public, by wearing such a 'see-through' and tightly-cling-to-your-body apparel. honey, it doesn't look good on you. those who aren't wearing tudung, you are not spared. smoking? drinking? in public? yet you claimed you're a muslim? shame on you, girl. go home. seek help. seek advice. no help and advice at home? seek HIM, Allah the almighty. and come, share it with me. i'll try my best to do according to my ability. i'm a nobody, of course. but insya allah, i can lend my ears, just to hear you out.
take care. and thank you.

remember, HE's watching.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


dalia kata nak gemuk sikit. sebab semua seluar dah longgar..baju umur 3, 4 tahun pun boleh pakai balik. but now she has start putting on weight. cumanya, seluar dalam masih ada yg longgar2. hehehe..she loves singing. semalam on the way ke jeram for dinner, dia tertido kejap. kami memang biasa pasang cd dalam kereta, atas permintaan anak2. coincidently, memang itu juga minat kami. semalam pasang cd Dewa19; Republik Cinta. dan dalia, masha allah, dalam tidur pun terus menyanyi! ha ha ha. papa dia kata "kalau macam ni, pasang cd mengaji lagi baik." well, pa...

ziyad pula mula kurus. dah nampak slender. ntah kenapa lately dia kurang selera makan. even his fav food pun cuma a few bites, 2,3 suap. and, dia selalu buat hal. ada je yang boleh membuatkan mama papa dia naik angin. nak kata perubahan 'cuaca' tak jugak..sebab dia dah ada 2 org adik. tak cukup manja? aih...even now still tido sama dgn aku. ntah la. mungkin belum datang selera, lepas demam dan batuk2 seminggu yang lalu. tunggu je lah..kot2 ada perubahan. mungkin dalam kepala mula banyak educative input. jadi minat utk makan dikurangkan. he's learning though..very often asking question regarding educational knowledge. sampai bab mekanikal pun dia tanya mama dia. ni semua sebab suka tgk discovery channel. boy, kot..sebab tu suka mekanikal ni. music? no runs in our families. dia minat drums. dan drum yang ada di studio papa dia tu, dia dah chop. that's why papa tak pernah bawak dia ke studio kalau ada session. sebab dia akan marah orang yang guna drum dia tu..ha ha ha..

si darling dalili pulak. ya tuhan..ampunnnnn..makin nakal dan makin ngada2. masalahnya pulak, dia makin comel. pantang marah sikit, meraung macam kena rotan. pastuh lap air mata asal boleh je. kat sofa la, kat baju mama la, kat kusyen besar la. asal ada kain. geram betol!! bangun tido satu hal...tak boleh la kalau tak merengek. ntah apa kena ntah. membebel pun kuat ni. tah sapa yang diikut tah. bukan main lagi kalau marah2 kakak dan abang dia. dia yang kacau orang, dia yang menangis tak ingat bila kakak/ abang dia marah/ pukul. btw, anak2 aku yang bertiga ni memang cepat tangan. mencubit je keje nyer. tapi dalili pandai ambik hati. ada je nanti keletah dan kerenah dia yg boleh buat mama papa cair dan tak jadi marah. si dua pusar ni, terlebih manja pulak. geram sangat. ha ha ha..

zahin..masih lagi menjadi favorite. maklum, kecik lagi. dah pandai meniarap dan bergolek2 ke sana sini. suara pun dah makin besar dan tinggi. tapi menangis masih lagi syahdu dan menusuk kalbu. buatkan mama akan cepat2 meluru pada dia, walau tengah masak atau mandi. hehehe.. dah pandai main2 sendiri dan sangat pandai tonton tv esp channel 613. sebab playhouse disney tu warnanya terang2 dan a-een sangat responsive. maklum, baby kan peka dengan warna. kalau dalam kereta, tak nak dibaringkan atas riba. nak duduk, sebab nak tgk pemandangan. boleh nampak biji mata dia tu bergerak dengan penuh curiousity. dah tu, konon2 mcm nak pegunkan setiap objek yg lalu tp tak dapat. lawak tgk ekspresi muka dia. sampai meleleh air liur dia..syok sangat agaknya. a-een..a-een..

apa pun..aku syukur sangat. walau pd aku kelihatan anak2 ni nakal, tapi bila di tengah2 komuniti, atau publik, mereka sangat baik tingkah. kalau nak dibandinglkan dengan anak2 orang lain yang nakal la. alhamdulillah. tanggungjawab aku belum berakhir dengan hanya melahirkan diorang. makin berat bila masing2 dah makin besar. semoga aku tabah selalu.

Erza Dalia, Ziyad Erza, Erza Dalili dan Zahin Erza;

kalau dah pandai membaca nanti, mama dan papa nak anak2 tahu yang walau kami selalu marah dan memukul, tak pernah sekali pun terdetik rasa benci dan menyampah. kami sayang anak2. mama sangat sayang anak2 mama. walau apa pun yang keluar dari mulut mama masa marahkan kalian, itu hanya syaitan semata. waktu marah, memang syaitan je yg berkata-kata. sebab tu jgn bagi ma marah selalu, ya? ma minta maaf kalau ada apa2 tingkah atau perkataan mama yg buat anak2 mama terguris dan terasa hati. sayang antara adik beradik selalu. bila mama dah tak ada, atau bila2 senang dah dewasa dan dah berkeluarga nanti, buka2 lah blog mama ni (kalau ada lagi la). baca luahan hati mama. baca apa yang mama coret ttg setiap tingkah anak2 mama yang mama sayang. moga nanti satu hari, andai berdepan dengan tingkah anak2 kalian pula, kalian tahu apa yang perlu di lakukan. dalam hati mama, hanya ada kalian. kasih sayang mama, sangat tebal untuk kalian.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sometimes, it's just my luck!


yesterday i brought all my kids to our panel clinic in shah alam. right after I picked Dalia from school. Since my hubby's workplace is in shah alam, we decided to just meet up there. the beginning was okay. met papa, met the doctor (for Dalia and Ziyad got flu), had lunch and head straight home.

what's 'fun' started here.

on the way back home, there was a road block by JPJ. Luckily, my kids were all wearing seat belts. I was so confidence that there won't be any problems since we were all fastened to our seats. first glance, the officer just saw me and Zahin on the front. when he stopped us, and as i rolled down my window, he got surprised for there were another three children at the back seats (ha ha..the look on his face was quite a scenery..hehehe). then i was asked for my licence and IC. again, in full confidence i reached for my handbag and started to take out both documents needed by the officer. as i took out my licence, i felt my blood stop rushing through all my veins. inside i said 'damn!!!' My licence has expired, in July! I was so blaming myself for being so confident. can't stop praying though, not to be given any tickets. the look on the officer's face, when i handed out my 'dead' licence? you guess it yourself. but i was saved, by my children. not that they asked for mercy directly but maybe the officer himself has kids and maybe my children reminded him of his. told him i didn't notice that my licence has expired and that i had to take them to the clinic, he seemed to understand. he asked about Zahin, how old is my child. and when i told him i just gave birth to Zahin 4 months ago, he let me go. he can't stop looking at my children. convincing me that he might think of his children too. before i left, he reminded me to ask my hubby to help me renewing my licence. he also ask me to drive safely and did stop the incoming car to let me reverse and drive away. Oh i felt so relieved!

i thank God for not letting anything bad happened throughout our journey.
i thank my children for being so charming, adorable and behaving so nicely (they were scared of the authority, i assumed).
and i thank the officer for understanding the situation. too bad i forgot his name. but i didn't forget his face. i'll definitely remember him if we ever bumped into one another, someday. but please, not in ticket-giving situation.. :)


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