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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I've been wanting to write this for a long time...

  1. why there are still dumbs driving cars? how do they passed their test? how did they get their license? driving at night, watch and count on how many car drivers that doesn't turn their headlights on. things as simple as that, how can you forget? it's dangerous. to all drivers on the road. isn't it a priority, to do a checklist on those 5 basic things? adjust your seat accordingly, the rear view mirror, seat belt, side mirror and headlights? haiyohhh!
  2. child abandoned, murdered. oh please. you made love, you were caught adultery, got pregnant without married, just please deliver the baby lovingly. if you don't want to carry the responsibility or you couldn't and don't have the ability (financially usually) to raise the child, do what's human suppose to do. seek help. to hell with your family if they neglected you, they're just being inhumane. be wise, please..
  3. neglecting parents. whether u have one child, or even 13 children, please take responsibility on what they are doing and where they have gone for that day. no matter you're a housewife/hubby or working parents. children are God's trust bestowed upon us. we as parents are given the responsibility to look after them, the best we could. kids/ children are somewhat and often annoying but hey, they are yours! you sort of 'ask' for it, right? again, be reasonable, be wise.
  4. girls nowadays. well, it happened before and the cycle goes on. but everytime it does, it gets greater. muslim girls (youngsters between 15-25), behave yourselves, dear. it's okay to have boyfriends, special or not but behaviour is a must. especially those whose wearing tudung. pretty and sweet, don't destroy the beautiful sight by hugging your bf in public, by wearing such a 'see-through' and tightly-cling-to-your-body apparel. honey, it doesn't look good on you. those who aren't wearing tudung, you are not spared. smoking? drinking? in public? yet you claimed you're a muslim? shame on you, girl. go home. seek help. seek advice. no help and advice at home? seek HIM, Allah the almighty. and come, share it with me. i'll try my best to do according to my ability. i'm a nobody, of course. but insya allah, i can lend my ears, just to hear you out.
take care. and thank you.

remember, HE's watching.

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