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I support breast feeding!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Salam Aidil Adha - knp tak terasa meriahnya?

serius. terbaik rasanya bila aidil adha disambut meriah di tanah suci. malangnya, rezeki utk jejak kaki ke sana belum ada lagi. eh..takde la malang, kan? nak seribu hubby and i made plans. we would like to visit Makkah insya Allah in 3 years time. then kalau kesihatan alhamdulillah, rezeki melimpah, nak melawat juga 7 wonders of the world tu. ke dah 8 skrg?

me, as usual is busy with kids and chores. at the mo, no recording deals..yet. in short, my part of job is not here, yet. my hubby's part btw, doesn't seem to slowing down. he's busy, almost everyday. and in weekend, especially. in fact, he's currently at work, now..

we went to my in laws this morning. just for a while for my hubby have to leave for Jumaat and work afterwards. thought of going to my mom's but they were on their way to PD. *sigh*

didn't i mention that today isn't as merry?

i wanted to cook rendang but my hubby asked me not to. just mashed potato, that we brought to his parent's house this morning to be paired with his mother's roasted chicken. btw, my mom-in-law is a wonderful cook. she cooks delicious meals, every time. in a way, that sort of encourage me to be a better cook. i cook well (my hubby said so) in western meals, but poor in local dishes. tried and still trying. but hey, i cook udang masak lemak cili api deliciously! and not to forget sambal ayam (hubby's fav), asam pedas, goreng berlada and masak merah.

i'm actually trying to not being bored. pardon my rubbish post. *sigh*

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