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I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sometimes, it's just my luck!


yesterday i brought all my kids to our panel clinic in shah alam. right after I picked Dalia from school. Since my hubby's workplace is in shah alam, we decided to just meet up there. the beginning was okay. met papa, met the doctor (for Dalia and Ziyad got flu), had lunch and head straight home.

what's 'fun' started here.

on the way back home, there was a road block by JPJ. Luckily, my kids were all wearing seat belts. I was so confidence that there won't be any problems since we were all fastened to our seats. first glance, the officer just saw me and Zahin on the front. when he stopped us, and as i rolled down my window, he got surprised for there were another three children at the back seats (ha ha..the look on his face was quite a scenery..hehehe). then i was asked for my licence and IC. again, in full confidence i reached for my handbag and started to take out both documents needed by the officer. as i took out my licence, i felt my blood stop rushing through all my veins. inside i said 'damn!!!' My licence has expired, in July! I was so blaming myself for being so confident. can't stop praying though, not to be given any tickets. the look on the officer's face, when i handed out my 'dead' licence? you guess it yourself. but i was saved, by my children. not that they asked for mercy directly but maybe the officer himself has kids and maybe my children reminded him of his. told him i didn't notice that my licence has expired and that i had to take them to the clinic, he seemed to understand. he asked about Zahin, how old is my child. and when i told him i just gave birth to Zahin 4 months ago, he let me go. he can't stop looking at my children. convincing me that he might think of his children too. before i left, he reminded me to ask my hubby to help me renewing my licence. he also ask me to drive safely and did stop the incoming car to let me reverse and drive away. Oh i felt so relieved!

i thank God for not letting anything bad happened throughout our journey.
i thank my children for being so charming, adorable and behaving so nicely (they were scared of the authority, i assumed).
and i thank the officer for understanding the situation. too bad i forgot his name. but i didn't forget his face. i'll definitely remember him if we ever bumped into one another, someday. but please, not in ticket-giving situation.. :)


Intanaziela said...

aku tersangatlah tabik spring kat ko eara...mak mithali ok. Tak sangka ko dah jadi ibu pada 4 org anak yang sangat chumil...bila boleh jumpa nih? aku tinggal kat berjaya park je..jemput singgah umah kalau ko lalu balik umah parents yek..

eraerzarusli said...

insya allah, azila...

aku ni jenis yg dah acquainted dan pulak tu malas nak hangkut budak2 ke hulu ke hilir...

kalau hubby aku ada masa, insya allah, aku 'heret' dia pegi terjah umah kau. hehehehe..


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