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I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ziyad Erza (part 2, b)


Ziyad cried out loud. I rushed to him to check what's going on and he showed me his finger. forefinger. guess what? he bitten his own finger, might mistaken it with the fried chicken he ate. ha ha ha!!! lawak gila..papa was holding back his laugh so hard. we burst it all out in the car on the way home. he stopped eating after the incident. then abah came back, with a box of Hawaiian Pizza. Ziyad joined in again. so did his papa. around 10pm we left home. papa was so in good mood last nite, we didn't go straight home. cruise around the neighbourhood, to klang centre, and home. spent about 1 hour riding in our old Hyundai Matrix . papa was smiling so cutely last nite. as if he'd hit a jackpot. i am still wondering, though..

today, as usual, nothing much happened. papa called around 3pm, telling me he was probably heading back home. got stucked in klang. traffic, of course. he arrived around 4pm, with clean, shaved face and hair nicely cut. hmm...he looked so handsome to me. he seem so calm and loving and extra caring lately. wonder why..
then, papa cooked for dinner. he was hungry, he said and wanted to cook the dish he favours. i have cooked the rice, though. we had dinner around 4.45. pretty early, eh? ziyad and lili were asleep when papa was busy cooking. they woke up just as soon as papa sitting down to eat. feed the kids, and myself, of a little with my beloved hubby, and around 5.30 i was about to do Asar prayer. Dalia and Ziyad were outside, with their bicycles. I was in the loo, ready to take my wudhuk, when suddenly i heard Dalia's scream. at first i thought she was just fighting with ziyad (as usual they do everyday) but then i heard she cried 'berdaraaaahhhhh!' (bleeding). papa was dozed off in front of the tv and suddenly arose to check on the kids. I rushed out from the toilet to see what was happening and saw dalia crying and
ziyad was bleeding; badly!! God!! what happened? Dalia said he fell off his bike and hit the wall. I was so speechless. sad and everything is mixed. my poor boy..blood was flowing like tap water from his forehead. I hugged him so tight, the blood wet my t shirt. papa took some tissues and asked me to stop the blood from pouring out. when the blood was finally stop, papa put on the plaster. Ziyad? as usual, crying loudly, 'tak nak, yad tak nak plaster!'. we forced him to, bathe him without washing his head, bathe ourselves and went to the nearest clinic. Luckily the wound need no stitches, just glued. will check it back in 2 days time. at the clinic? ziyad was grunting and struggling, didn't want to be examined, nor to be touch by the doctor. he didn't even want to sit at the chair next to the doc, you know., at the moment, he is ok and as naughty and active as usual, as if nothing happened. doctor said not to wash his head for 2 days and 2 days it is.

note: too many fun, exciting and thrilling stories about Ziyad to be mentioned here. will try to cope, if i still remembers.

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