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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ziyad Erza (part 2)

  • Yesterday I followed my hubby to work. Well, actually he was sending me and Dalili to the clinic, I got flu and Dalili got rashes all over her body. we are currently doing okay..
  • Dalia and Ziyad were sent to their grandma's (papa's side).
  • Stayed a while afterwards at my mum's (hubby at his office).
  • Chatted a little about this and that with mum, dad, adik and angah.
  • angah was there too, talked about Eirfan (my nephew) ha..ha..funny little fella..
  • around 8pm, left mum's to mami's. Papa had asked mami to cook dinner.
  • arrived at mami's around 8.30pm, Dalia and Ziyad were so excited as if we've left them for weeks! tah hapa-hapa ntah..
  • mami asked us to eat. she didn't want to, on diet she said. she looked after Dalili, while papa and all of us dine.
  • Abah wasn't home yet from the mosque.
  • Dalia and Ziyad wanted to join, even mami said they have eaten; twice! ok..fine..indulge!
  • ate as usual, chat a little bout this and that, papa had second round, so did Dalia and Ziyad.
  • suddenly....

to be continued...

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