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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


this pic was taken by my 3-year-old boy, Ziyad

i don't want to put on a pacifier (puting) to my baby Zahin. but it's been 2 days now, he's been wanting to keep on nursed. mana larat beb! tak buat keje la aku...but this is a great challenge for me. breastfeeding him and at the same time have to look after other 3 of my children, to check out on house chores, cook, BATH, and lots more. being a mother is not just giving birth and then let the faith control the flow. YOU have to be aware and let yourself control the flow, with faith as your sidekick. uhh..sounds easy eh? blah! it's not!

guess i have to try to put on pacifier on Zahin today. agaknya la. my heart still forbid it. why? coz i don't want his looks changed. you know, children on pacifiers normally 'jongang'. the formations of the jaw and teeth will evolve following the action of the mouth while sucking on the pacifier. tu yang aku tak nak tu!! lucky the pacifier isn't in stock. have to ask my hubby to buy it. asked already actually. but depends on my ability to hold back, to strain myself from letting him to pacify. weighing almost 6kg at 2 months old, Zahin nursed well. maybe because i ate well. me? eating well? no lah..often skips and eats whenever i have the time. i hang on to milo or horlicks, if i'm hungry but not enough time to eat properly. it's okay. i'll try to eat properly. and maybe Zahin will nurse properly too. ha ha ha!


nazura.fishie.yan.sili.mummy said...

I have all my respect to home makers with more than 2 kids. and you have 4, i wonder how u manage. aku yang anak baru ade 2 ni, mcm nak meletop dah. hahahah

btw, use pacifier frm avent. they have special pacifier yg x kasi jongang gigi ..both of my kids are on pacifier. 1. takde laa nursing je 2.kalo nangis je, sumbat hahaha kejam kan aku nih

eraerzarusli said...


segala penat lelah akan terasa berbaloi, one day. aku cuba sebaik mungkin dan yang termampu aku lakukan. terbeban? mmg selalu terasa. tapi mereka adalah darah daging aku dan nyawa aku. sabar, meski dugaannya hanya tuhan yang tahu. itu je aku perlu buat.

tak nak lah aku guna pacifiers nih. anak2 aku semua reject la. korbankan la puting aku ni..hehehe. ko keje aa, mmg kena sumbat je anak2 tu dgn pacifiers. hehehe..takpe, aku takkan kata ko kejam. hehehe

btw, thanx for the respect. walau tak direct compliment kat aku.muahahhaha


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