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I support breast feeding!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Producer to be

percaya tak?

my hubby and i built a company. at first it was just a way to show my hubby's passion in music; esp in music recording. well, it can be considered HIS company. i was just lending my name for registration. allah..untuk famili juga..famili biz.

he's been involved in this industry since 2000. little by little, developing skills and meeting a lots of people, he became more mature and expert. many compliments his work. he's the perfect sound engineer, for those who is very fussy with sounds.

starting last year, he's been serious in music recording; singles, EP and such. I do not know much about album producing and recording. I only know singing. ha ha ha..this coming February, he'll be finishing a full album recording and producing it and this (after discussions and agreements made) will make him 'A Producer'.

Honestly, i am very proud of him. his effort, determination on doing what he likes and do best; regardless of what people say, and not to mention the time he sacrifices...uhhh..

pa, i'm very proud of you. and i love you. so much!!!
nota: kot la ada sesapa nak buat function; dinner ke apa ke, nak pakai P.A System, cari musician whatsoever, leh aa contact. hehehehe


Ami said...

Ada studio? Boleh buat recording? satu lagu berapa charge?

eraerzarusli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eraerzarusli said...


kalau multitracking, satu lagu dalam rm1500. kalau live recording, murah sket dalam rm500. but leh nego..minat?

ada band ke? pernah dengar 40winks? new indie band. pernah masuk campur chart, flyfm. they recorded their songs at our studio.

Ami said...

Akan dipertimbangkan. Studio kat Shah Alam ke? Address?

eraerzarusli said...


aiyorrkkk...ami dah minat..yea yea...

ami gi website nih..leh tgk equipment etc..


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