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I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


last nite we had a dinner outside and we chose a mamak restaurant in klang, as we were regulars there.

we ate simple stuff. dalia with her chicken soup and rice, papa with mutton soup and rice, while ziyad and me had roti canai with beef curry. dalili? belasah je la apa yang ada.

we had simple chat; normal chat between family members, been greeted by those friendly mamak's, who seemed to be 'entertained' with my children's behaviour and watched the people around us.

when suddenly, another mamak (who often fry mee and prepare rojak) appears and greeted dalia.
dalia was smiling and us too. she was so polite with people. unlike ziyad, sesuka je hoi, hoi orang. when that mamak continue his work, i asked dalia,

"kak, hensem ke uncle tu?"

while drinking her chocolate milk (dalam kotak) she paused a bit and said,

"hensem.." dengan muka selamba.

my hubby and i were bursting with laughter and tears. and so did dalia, later on.

i told my hubby, "nanti dapat menantu, macam bapak dia jugak la ni..keturunan."

and my hubby said, "tak kisah la, tapi jgn la gelap pekat sangat. cari yang cecerah sket,"

and i can't hold my laughter any longer.

as that mamak passes us (byk kali jugak la..dah sangkut dgn anak dara aku tu kot..) we can't stop smiling and giggling.


btw, that mamak is sweet la. he does look nice and bad smells whatsoever..except that he's way too dark.

what can i runs in the blood!!

note: my hubby's grandpa, his father's side is an indian, originally from India. my greatgrandfather, on my mother's side is an indian too.

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