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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a quick date

last monday, i had a terrible mood swing.

all day long..i was angry, or easily get angry. i know why but seemed like i can't control my own swings.

poor children of mine. i tend not to talk much with them for i was scared i might get overboard with them. lucky me, they seem to understand.

i sms'ed my hubby, asked him not to give me any calls, for i know a simple twitch will make me lose it. and lucky me again, he understood.

as to calm my temper, i was online. reading blogs, checking my notifications on facebook etc. i was also on YM. there, i chatted with my beloved hubby. he calmed me down, slowly reducing my temper, bla..bla..when the situation is quite okay, my hubby called. he asked me to prepare my kids, to be sent to his mom's later after maghrib. i asked him how was his mom's reaction? he said, 'mami kata ok..'

he asked me to accompany him to the bank, pay bills; credit cards and celcom. then, after a quick drop off of the children (all of 'em. dalili was okay, but ziyad and dalia cried) we settled all the payments we have to do, deposit a cheque and head for dinner.

he asked me what to eat and i told him i want something simple. we were loitering around shah alam when he finally decided to stop at

concorde hotel, shah alam

we had a really nice date, eventhough we spent only less than an hour there. of course we ate only simple things as the food were expensive, that we have to stop at the nearest petrol station to buy me some sandwich to curb my hungryness. *grin*

arriving at my in-laws, around 10.30pm the kids were still awake. we knew it is possible that they have fallen asleep. as the car stopped and we approached inside the house, my kids went haywire, "mama! papa!!!" and dalili were trying hard to open the grill gate so that she can get out and get me. but unfortunately, ziyad were clinging on the grill gate, with wide smile and noisy babbles.

i thought we won't stay long as it was school night but, as my hubby saw his parents new lcd tv, and home theater set, he can't bear the 'heat'. as for abah (dad-in-law), that was the opportunity to ask his son to set up his tv and home theater for him. well, my hubby's a pro with sound and we stayed they till about 11.40pm. since the kids were starting making scenes, as they were all sleepy, we had to move. arrived home around 12midnight and tuck the children into bed easily.

as we (hubby and i) were about to lay down, i have this kind of weird feelings. not that i wasn't happy with the quick date we had but maybe a little worried. about what? maybe about my pregnancy, baby delivery in june, who's going to take care of my children, and stuff. my hubby said, 'we'll figure it out, later' and asked to go to sleep as dalia's schooling tomorrow. well, i slept with thousands of questions.

as for the date that night, thank you, dear. don't forget this feb 20. cuti tau!!! :)

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