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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

something related to pregnancies and deliveries.

read the title? good.

if you are currently expecting, then that's better.

first thing's first. how do you feel? for the first time mom, you'll feel excited , exhausted,enthusiastic and maybe panic, all at one time. well, you should be.
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being pregnant, is a gift. no matter whether you got pregnant legally, or illegally (hopefully you know what i mean). as for me, i am currently expecting, the fourth one. with a gap of around 1 and a half years between all my children, i still feel the same as me being pregnant for the first time. maybe the difference will be, i am more alert and cautious and less panic.

well, what pregnancy is all about, actually? the basic thing, change of hormones, and of course your figure. to me, pregnant mother is very beautiful. carrying the most precious cargo for nine months ++ is the most enjoyable thing to do. though we get tired, but it will never be a burden. UNLESS!! you are not thankful for it. as i said earlier, being pregnant is a gift. if you have conceived, legally your gift is certainly much more meaningful. but if you are not, a gift is still a gift and a gift from GOD is the most special ever.

not all pregnant mothers having the same nausea, tingling feelings here and there, severe backache etc. but i bet ALL pregnant mom will be very moody. sometimes in a good mood, very good mood and sometimes you'll feel like kicking somebody hard in the **s. that explains how it is unique being a mother, right?
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okay, the first trimester (now, you should have known all these simple terms already) is normally where mothers need to be extra careful on their pregnancies. the foetus is still very fragile. for those who have experienced miscarriage(s) before, this is when you should be resting a lot, and work less. that's only if you insist on having the baby. this time is also, where mothers experiencing heavy nausea (not all mothers do) and allergies. relax, as it will be gone as your foetus grows. tiring and annoying but that's just another proof that you are becoming a mother.

the second trimester, your pregnancy is in stable conditions. this time around, your doctor may grant you a permission to fly abroad for holidays and such. you may enter an exercise class (special for expecting moms), you may jog a little, and you bet, you may want to eat all you want to eat with 'cravings' excuses and people
around you will try to provide them, no matter what.

the third trimester, you should do a lot of simple walking, simple exercise, cut down calories and unwanted fats, and start feeling movements in your tummy. some people say, turn on some classical music as your baby will be smarter but as Muslims, a quran recitals, is better. at this time around, ask your hubby to pamper
you with massage and if you can afford it, go and have a relaxing time at your favourite spa. do some facials and karaoke, and have fun. the baby; even inside, can feel your mood too, ok. avoid being sad :<span class= and alone as it will affects your mood.

delivery, is one hell of a test. labour pain? very annoying, indeed. i remember shouting and scolding my beloved hubby (sorry honey) for trying to calm me down. the pain is indescribable. for hubby's out there, no matter how annoying and butt kicking behaviour your wife can be at that time, just ignore it with love. she's in pain and you'll never know how it feels.

normal delivery, is great. quick recovery and chances to get your old figure back is high. Cesarean is somewhat easy as you won't feel the pain at that time, but afterwards it hurts.

please, and i mean PLEASE breast feed your baby once he's born. its for his own good. it will cut down the risk of jaundice for babies and besides, nursing mom will have very small chances of having breast cancer and i tell you, dear..nursing mom certainly will have more fuller and beautiful boobs. you do want this, right?

for Muslims, have heard of mandi wiladah? ok. its actually what you should do right after delivery as it is to clear impurities during delivery (this is what i heard from Al-Kuliyyah, TV3). But, if you haven't done it yet, but have performed mandi hadas instead, that should be enough. but now, since you have known (for i have told you) remember to do your mandi wiladah, ok?

'as taken from Penjagaan Kesihatan Ibu dan Bayi'


Seorang perempuan yang telah selesai melahirkan anak mempunyai kewajipan tertentu iaitu mandi kerana beranak (wiladah) dan mandi kerana nifas.

Para ulama telah ijmak mengatakan bahawa wajib mandi dengan sebab keluar darah nifas. Termasuk di dalam perkara yang mewajibkan mandi ialah wiladah iaitu mandi kerana beranak, sekalipun melahirkan tanpa basah (darah). Begitu juga bagi perempuan yang mengalami keguguran anak, tidak terkecuali daripada kewajipan mandi, sama ada keguguran itu hanya berupa darah beku (‘alaqah) ataupun hanya berbentuk seketul daging (mudhghah).

Bagi sebilangan perempuan yang terpaksa menjalani pembedahan perut untuk mengeluarkan anak, maka dikategorikan hal yang sedemikian itu sebagai wiladah maka wajib ke atas perempuan tersebut melakukan mandi.

Perlu diingat, mandi kerana beranak dan mandi kerana nifas mempunyai perbezaan. Bagi mengelak kekeliruan, maka darah nifas ialah darah yang keluar dari rahim perempuan selepas melahirkan anak sekalipun hanya setitik. Bermulanya darah nifas itu keluar sebelum berlalu lima belas hari setelah seseorang perempuan melahirkan anak. Andaikata darah itu tidak keluar melainkan setelah berlalu masa selama lima belas hari atau lebih, maka darah yang keluar itu tidak dikatakan sebagai nifas tetapi ia merupakan darah haidh. Maka dalam hal ini perempuan tersebut diwajibkan mandi kerana nifas.

Manakala mandi kerana wiladah ialah apabila seorang perempuan itu melahirkan anak atau mengalami keguguran anak sekalipun hanya berupa darah beku (‘alaqah) atau hanya berbentuk seketul daging (mudhghah). Maka wajib bagi perempuan itu mandi kerana beranak (wiladah) setelah berlakunya kelahiran atau keguguran sebagaimana disebutkan.

Maka apabila seorang perempuan telah melahirkan anak, dia wajib mandi kerana beranak (wiladah) dan wajib juga ke atasnya mandi nifas setelah berhenti darahnya atau habis tempoh masa yang sederhana iaitu empat puluh hari empat puluh malam atau masa paling maksima selama enam puloh hari enam puloh malam.

Sayugia diperingatkan bahawa adalah wajib bagi seorang perempuan itu mengetahui hukum-hukum berkaitan dengan mandi wiladah dan mandi kerana nifas, dan wajarlah bagi suami yang mengetahuinya mengajarkan hukum-hukum tersebut kepada isteri masing-masing.

niatnya simple; 'sahaja aku suci dari hadas besar, kerana Allah ta'ala'

ok. i guess till here only. any mothers out there who would like to share their experience or perhaps wondering anything, do drop me a line, ya. i may not an expert but sharing experience is good..


Elsa Soraya Othman said...
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eraerzarusli said...


hehehe..ngilu jahit sebab beranak normal tak sengilu dan sesakit cesar, dik oii.. kalau normal, the pain is gone once we get out of the hospital, but cesar..lamaaaa!!

Elsa Soraya Othman said...
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eraerzarusli said...

period pain hilang lepas kawen?

uhh..akak tak pernah ada period pain, since pertama kali period. jadinya...tak tau nak cemana nak jawaaaabbbbb!!

hehe..terbukti, pompuan ni unik, tak semua sama.

terbukti jugak, akak bukan pakar sakit puan!! muehehehehhe

ehh..lupa nak cakap, masa dah nak terberanak tu nanti, rasanya macam nak berak..hehehe..kalau normal la. sebab tu, once kepala baby dah keluar je, terasa legaaaa..macam lepas berak keras..kehkehkeh...

nazura.fishie.yan.sili.mummy said...

my first delivery was a c-sec. 2 days i was on my feet again. 1 week I'm back to normal. Tapi ada jugak yang kena belah perut ni sakit smpai habis pantang. yang paling penting kena jaga luka tu supaya kering and x basah. for this second one ni, we ll see, dia nak kuar kot mana lak...hehehhe

eraerzarusli said...


c-sec ekk...aku merasa juga yang ketiga aritu. but i was back on my feet on the next day. siap mandi pepagi buta, basah rambut. makcik sebelah yang dok jaga anak dia bising dgn aku, sebab mandi basah rambut. mak aku je rilek..takde hal..hehehe

good luck on this second one. hopefully jgn kuar kut tingkap lagi. biar mummy dia rasa normal delivery pulak. baru complete terasa as a mom, dear!!

p/s: thanks for dropping by!! i really appreciate it.


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