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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

selamat ulang tahun ke 51, bonda tercinta...

today is my mom's birthday..she's 51.

now, she may not want anything fancy or a grand birthday celebration but as a child, who came out of her belly, i was called to this some sort of obligation. well, since long ago i have been a party organizer (unofficially) for my family. and it seem incomplete if we are not going to hold anything (at least a simple one) on the big day.

as for tonite, i guess we are going to have a cake, and maybe i'll make some pita kebab or sandwich or fettucine. i'm thinking..i'm thinkinggggg!!

since i live quite far from my family's house, i have asked my two assistants (my sisters of course; eleena and eireen) to do what they can do. i hope my hubby can be home early to make time for the 'party'.

mak, selamat hari jadi! kakak sayang mak, sampai bila-bila. semoga mak dikurniakan kesihatan dan kemurahan rezeki, selalu. ampunkan kakak mak, for whatever wrongs i've done, in the past, currently or maybe in the future; which i never intended to do!

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