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I support breast feeding!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

mms yang aku terima...


selasa lepas aku terima mms dari adik aku no 3. mesejnya berbunyi:-

nina eksiden..kui kui..

the minute i saw the pic i was shocked.

terus aku call dia. the accident occurred in the morning but the msg received in the afternoon.

luckily she was ok. not badly hurt. but bruises all over. permitted a two-day MC by the doctor.

when i was convinced by her that she's ok, i feel a little relieved. forwarded the pic to my
hubby. he too, called in shock. then it was my turn to convince him that my sister was ok.

nina..nina..sib baik takde apa2...

1 comment:

sickchild said...

uik? terbalik.
takutnye nak bawak laju2222.


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