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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daddy's out there, beware. All eyes on you..

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My beloved husband, with our 4 beautiful children.

Why is the topic related to Daddy? Well, isn't it obvious? We are celebrating Father's day this coming June 19th, aren't we? ;)

Saw a tweet on twitter a few days ago, someone freaked-out when he, lately, frequently saw daddy's with kids, and no mom's. He tweeted this:

Kenapa ayah/bapa yang sering bersama anak-anak apabila keluar, mana maknya? Aneh+cuak.
..and I answered:

mak kat rumah, masak. atau juga tunggu dlm kereta, tgh susukan baby & or jaga anak2 lain yg lebih kecik. atau juga tak sihat dll.

Hehe..Sounded harsh? No, right? It was more like, firm expression. Or should I say, firm stand? Whatever! I said what's true and what's normal.

Why do I have to stressed out about this? Not that I am bias or prejudice or feminism etc, ok.. I would like to just deliver my point of view. And to those beautiful women, moms, ladies and girls out there who's agree, do drop some comments.

I must admit, no matter how much I love my husband, a view of a guy (a dad) attending their children or kids, without appearance of a woman (the mother, of course!), is a pleasantly beautiful sight. That is the kind of guy who can be trusted. Especially, when that guy is ehem..a good looking one. Well, our husband is the most handsome guy in our live but hey, sometimes God is testing you, you know! ;) Honestly, I do feel a little shaky, un-safe when I spotted many pairs of eyes watching my husband attending my children in a shopping mall, food court, restaurants or even at the park. Honey, girls love a loving man, right? And isn't attending a child is a sign of loving? So, I shouldn't warn the dads, right? The warning should goes out to the moms.

Ok Moms!!! Beware!!!

Moms and Dads out there, love each other right and you'll be blessed and showered with love by God, all of your life. May each and everyone of you mom and dad out there lives in happiness always! Marriage is tough. But every tough moment, has a hidden treasure/ reward behind it!

I'm proud being a mom and married to the most un-explainable strict, funny, blur, intelligent, understanding and straight-forward guy in the world!

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