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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

whenever the rain pours, i got soaked...alone

since i was in school; either elementary or high school, i never had a best friend. maybe i was born to be independent, so i do (did) almost everything on my own. i faced obstacles on my own, i managed my life on my own and solved my problems on my own.

i envy those who has a best friend. who has someone to turn to when you're down and in need. someone who could lend you a helping hand, or even a shoulder to cry on. i was someones' best friend once, or maybe twice but i never had a chance to feel or at least experience that moment. i lent my shoulder, of course but none had lend me theirs.

when i was watching tv; movies or dramas which tells a story about friendship or anything related to it, i often touched. i asked my husband almost too often for him to answer willingly; why don't i have a best friend like that?

maybe one day? it'll be too late, i guess.

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