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I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Drag me to hell - let's learn English!

Para pembaca budiman...

aichehhhhh!!! poyo gilak!

see the title? well, obviously it is not MY request. simpang malaikat 44.

but i do have queries about it. err..actually it was all brought up by my husband. he asked me a question which i thought i answered correctly but then it kept me wondering, till now.

help!!!! to those english masters out there, i seek your kind opinion and knowledge, to be shared.

what was the question?

why does the title 'drag me to hell'? why not 'drag me to THE hell'?

uhhh..i am not that good in english, you know. i am still learning. my grammar is still weak and sometimes, spellings too!

help me, please?


¿n0die? said...

jap tnye member >_>

¿n0die? said...

''Eh sorry. Tak tahu lah how to explain. I'm no English teacher. Hehe. But it's just that 'drag me to the hell' sounds wrong. So wrong.''

Ami said...

Aah, mana satu eh?
Solution dia mcm ni, sebut laju-laju. Bagi org tak perasan the tu ada ke tak.


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