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I support breast feeding!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

'two drama queen in the house; double the fun'

That was a comment given by a friend of mine few days ago when I updated my FB status, indicating that my daughter was chosen to read a poem for Maulidur Rasul at her school, representing standard 1 students.

Why did I receive such a comment?

For I was known as a 'stage student'. I love being on stage, participating in almost any show/ performance. Emceeing almost every occasions. I remember my first on stage performance; 'Jack and Jill'. I was in standard 1, and it was not really on stage for I was standing on a chair during assembly. Hahaha! It was fun.

As for my daughter, it was just a beginning. A proud beginning, I must say. At least, to me.

Yesterday (Friday, Feb 25th) as I was greeting her coming back from school (I picked her up every day) she entered the car with a wide smile on her face. She showed me a stationery set she got. A small bright pink label on the front said, 'Nasyid Tahun Satu; tempat ketiga'. Proud? Of course I am. I get even happier, when she explained to me what she is planning to do with a small note pad in the set. With a firm voice and serious face she uttered, "buku ni, kakak nak tulis nama sapa-sapa yang buat bising." I was stunned for a few seconds. "Kenapa pulak? Kakak bukan ketua kelas, kan?" I asked her. Calmly she said, "Ye la..tapi kakak penolong."

Hah! Wow! I can't help myself but smiling so wide all the way home.

When I told my hubby later that evening via phone, he laughed and said, "suka la mama tu.. ada yang ikut dia!" Hahaha..

Of course I like! I was an assistant in my class in standard 3 & 4. But Dalia, in standard 1? Wowwww!

I'm smiling..wide..with pride!!

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