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I support breast feeding!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maher Zain - Live In Concert

I didn't go. Got the complimentary tix but I couldn't go. My husband was one of the man-behind-the-scene and he got the complimentary tix 1 hour before the show! How can he managed to come home to get me and the kids in less than 1 hour? OMG.

But, I don't really mind. (kalau konsert KRU, dpt ticket free, dia tak ambik aku, memang aku nangis! hahaha!)

Why didn't I mind? Here's the MAJOR why (from the perspective of my husband; a sound engineer, who was there at the concert, last night):-

  • the sound quality was poor. I can even hear the buzzing and echoing sound through the phone when I called my husband last night!
  • seating problem. too close to each other and it sure is uncomfortable.
But hey! Who am I to pass judgement? (comments regarding the above mentioned problems can be read, HERE)

In-Team visited our studio, in searching for the suitable place for MZ to rehearse. Since MZ is staying at the Concorde, Shah Alam, our studio (Studio Anggerik) situated at sec. 23 Shah Alam, seemed to be the best choice. But to our expectation, the proposal being turned down. No luck. Heard that IN-Team chose AkarKarya in KL instead. Ok, it's Sheila Majid's. Who could say 'No'? :)

My personal overview:

  • If only In-Team consider a newbie whose testimonials received in sound engineering field so far NEVER a disappointment, the event might have turned out differently.
  • If only they didn't turn us down due to incomplete interior of our studio only, instead by looking at the expertise we offered, the good quality of our services etc, maybe the sound of the event would be better. MAYBE!
FYI, Nitrus love us. Seven Collar T-Shirt love us. Suria Akasia love us. Sorganina love us. Just to name a few of rising & promising future bands of Malaysia. Not to forget the nasyeed groups; Mestica and Wildan.

Now only I realise; looks IS everything. Truly Malaysian. Mostly DO judge a book by its cover. One question, though: wasn't In-Team a newbie once too?

True, we have to strive for our success. We have to earn our victory. But, if the path to success and victory is clear, if we HAVE been striving for it, yet being stepped and stopped due to such a childish reason; it's actually a painful try.

Nevertheless, the sweetness of trying and being rejected is in our tongue. We believe in Hikmah.

MZ was ok. Don't glorify him too much. He's a human being too. We all are!

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