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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I was lying in bed, nursing my baby Zahin as this thought wanders. And i decided to put it here.

There are too many things happening in life that writings alone can't really cope; to release some tenses and pressures. In virtual reality, one need to behave accordingly. Though some might feel it (the content) shouldn't be condensed, but many think it's adequate. I, for example, have written about almost everybody in my life but never once that I've missed being misunderstood. Yes. I was often condemned, harshly, it hurt me badly inside out. But, I took it as a lesson. I don't mind if the condemners are outsiders, anonymous etc. If what they said has a point, I take it. If it is just rubbish, I'll toss it away.

I was once condemned by someone who thought she knew me well for she's a friend of one of my family members, but i didn't reply. Why? Because she only talk rubbish. Not a single fact. Being old in age doesn't mean one know everything about the world, and youngsters aren't so stupid that they don't know anything at all. I'm a tolerant person. I argue what's being put wrongly when it certainly right even at the slightest glance. Sometimes, the Malay saying of 'siapa dulu makan garam' can be implemented in certain circumstances and situations.

One thing for sure, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!

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