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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My tired and fun and awesome at one time of being a mother.

my beautiful Dalia. always dear to my heart.

my Ziyad. a handsome boy, responsible and funny too.

my Dalili. need i say more?

my Zahin. a miracle when i was in despair.

how they are tiring to be handled and attended.

but as time flies, you'll miss the misbehaviour that got you laughing talking about it with your spouse later in bed.

how i love them all.


pisey said...

waaa.gila comel semua.nak tarik pipi yang num3 nakal gila.haha.

miss my niece ngn nephew.
huhu.jauh di perantauan ikut mama dia smbung belajar.

satu tahun.
satu tahun.
letih counting.


eraerzarusli said...


tq..yq. sebab comel sangat la akak jadi pening kepala dgn kerenah diorang ni..huhuhu..

no 3? mmg nakalllllllllllll...

Farra said...

rasa tersentuh sgtttt huhu kiut2


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