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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

si kecil Zahin Erza (a-een)

sudah tumbuh gigi. padahal masih menyusu badan sepenuhnya. aih..saat menaip inipun terasa ngilu, mengenangkan situasi gigi dan puting. faham? tak faham, sudah..anda blom mencapai tahap 25sx. hahaha.

teething at 6months old, while still fully nursed is something new to me. all other three of my children started teething at the earliest of 8 months, and they have started baby food with continuance of breast milk (this way i don't have to bring milk powder everytime we went out for any occasions..huhu). but my little a-een, he's quite an excitement. at 6 months old, he has a teeth, started lifting up his butt, maybe to begin sitting up on his own and crawl. move around on his belly, beautifully quick. a blink of an eye, he's under the dining table. next, hie's in the playroom. then, he's in the kitchen. my oh my...did i mention he's cleverly sulk? knows its bath time when i take off his clothes? and looking at the sink as if he knows that that's his bath tub? huhuhuhu...

and one thing for sure; he's grown healthy and much more handsome day after day!!


Farra said...

sy paham sgt! haha :p

eraerzarusli said...

huhu...ngilu beb! :D


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