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I support breast feeding!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

a note to my children (part 2)

as to my darling Dalili,

a big sigh and smile on my face as I'm thinking about you, girl.

my third child, my second princess and the first one came out to the world through the 'window'. well, that's the term among parents for Cesarean babies. she was a bunden of joy. why? because she was so different! her eyes were big but slanted a bit. she has two 'pusar' (what do we call in it English, ya?) on her head and as in Malays understandings, a person who has this mark, is hard-to-handle and very naughty. my oh my. she is. but she is also very pretty and sweet. her smile, her eyes, her small figures, her behaviour, herself. as i'm typing this, she's right next to me, singing her own song while her hands mingling with the connection cables of my hubby's laptop. she's naughty, indeed. two years old and yet so many 'accidents' happened. she had once pushed her hand into a spinning fan; quite a cut she got there. she also had the nerve of touching the hot-currently-in-use iron (this happened at my mums, she was watching my mum ironing some clothes. luckily my mum acted quickly by immediately soaking her hand into a bowl of water.) she stumbled so many times, fell of off the stairs, chairs, stools, sofas, tripped over her toys, even her own feet and fell. cut her inner upper lips due to that and so many other things. but, those incidents doesn't stop her from being active. and yes, she's also a funny girl. at 2, she has so many ideas one can imagine about. a good friend and at the same time a furious enemy of her brother, Ziyad. i love every word she said for she has a beautiful and sweet and sometimes annoyingly loud voice. she's a cry baby, too. even being softly warned, she'd cry. well, not by me. as a mother who gave birth to them, my children don't tend to be scared with me. at least, not until i raised a hanger or a belt as a warning material. but with their papa, oh yeah..they'd run like mice.

Zahin Erza.

this boy is a miracle. I'd talk about him for hours yet the excitement will still be the same. goose bums, of being excited will always appear. he's almost 6 months old now and his progress, unbelievable. smiling? started when he was only 2 months old. he's turning around now, here and there. had once went accidentally out of the house when i forgot to shut the grill door (betul ke perkataan aku nih). fell of off the bed? twice! car seat? thrice! haha... what a memory.

i love my children, all very much. i always pray for the best of them, now and in the future. had once my hubby and i talked about what would they be when they grow up and suddenly i got scared. scared of the thought of they'd go abroad and i will be left home. no longer being near to them. how would they feel, i got myself thinking. leaving mama behind. will i still be alive by that time? will i still be healthy and able to deal with their needs, behaviour and such? i had my biggest sigh in wonder that day; inside. without my hubby noticing it.

thinking of their future alone, i become melancholic. only God knows how much I love them all.

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