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I support breast feeding!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

entri separa sedar

my last entry had tickled someone.

uhhh..i had no intention at all to be provocative or heartless fella.

but someone, somebody thought i was so.

well, should i say sorry for without meaning 'hurt' somebody?

i think i don't have to. coz what i wrote, on my blog is my opinion, my interpretation and my feelings of expression.

but then, as a MALAY, i do have manners and hereby apologise for anybody who might have been hurt by my writings, yesterday, yesteryear, tomorrow or whenever.


Syukri Shairi said...

Interestingly you didn't do anything wrong. It was just a discussion, or at least that was what I thought.

I accept your apologies too, not as a Malay, or Kadazan-Dusun with Sino-Murut blood or Punjabi-Filipino-Japanese or a French-Berber with a Javanese parentage or Pashto-Persian nor Icelandic-Turkish neither black, white, purple and gray, but merely as a human.

Ami said...

Nak tahu kebenaran (kepahitan)?
Kita semua suka tunjuk diri kita lebih pandai dari orang lain. :) Apa² reaksi pada komen ini adalah satu pendedahan kelemahan elemen apakah yg ada pada diri.

sesku said...

bzzt bzzt bzzt!!!sukatilah blogger nak tulih die...tak suke jgn bace....mudah je penyelesaiannya...

Syukri Shairi said...

hehe. baik tulis kat diary kat rumah pastu simpan la camtu?

Ami said...

Ahha..itu respon yang tepat.

manusia terlantar said...

Aku mmg suka tgk orang meluahkan pendapat masing2.. Kadang2 kite leh tgk ape yg die cuba sorokkan..

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