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I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love is all around..


Even small kids know the meaning. Well, at least showing the reaction.

Look around, and try to detect some love. Feel it. Embrace it. I am lucky to have my loved ones around me. Oh, yes, amazingly tiring and sometimes annoying, handling and attending to the love of my life but it worth the 'hardwork'!

I had the chance to visit the KLIA Mosque a few days ago and I can feel the love around me. Unlike the surau at Dengkil's Rest & Recover (rehat dan rawat a.k.a R & R), or Seri Kembangan's, even the crowd was full but the love is not there. I can't feel it. Maybe (just maybe), He had shown His love by inviting us to His 'house' which my kids and I been longing to visit. See, He granted our wish that day, with a gift of love and a funny story to remember.

I was greeted with smile by every ladies who walked by me; in the ablution area and the patio. Let alone inside the praying area. I was so relieved. I just don't know how to explain it. I felt so, welcomed.

We took our chances to perform a prayer by turns. My husband went in first, while I waited in the car with the kids. When he had done, I took along my girls inside, and my husband with the boys; to let them run around in the park nearby.When I have finished, I was greeted by a huge smile on my husband's face to my wonder. And guess what? I really thought they had fun running around here and there, the boys. But I was told by my husband that my 4-year-old boy wet his pants, in the toilet!! Yet, I am amazed by my husband's patience that day. He seldom had that kind of self-control but lately, he seem so calm and accepting.

I think, He had granted me another wish of mine. Thank You. Alhamdulillah.

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