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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Maher Zain makes me cry!

Yes, he does.

I find it hard to hold back my tears, while I'm listening to his songs. Especially, 'Always be there'. Yes. 'Always be there' is my favourite. Many would take 'InshaAllah' as their special song, but I feel small and in awe, with 'Always be there'.

Well, we have our own opinions, right? We have our own likes and dislikes. Not to say that I don't like 'InshaAllah' but it fells second on my list. If you are a married man, and somewhat looking for what's there to be proud of with your significant other, please and please, listen to 'The rest of my life' as you will find it the most beautiful song to be dedicated to your wife. Believe me when I say, you will find what you have never discovered about your wife, after you hear the song. You will find that your wife is the chosen one for you, the perfect match for you and worth the respect and love from you.

Writing this put tears on my eyes!!

See you next year, Maher! Insha Allah..

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