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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Please....Say 'NO' to child abuse!

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Child abuse? How can anybody being abusive to a child? Don't they have feelings? Humanity? Oh, of course, they are worst than animals, for even animals love their young! If it happens before my very eyes, I won't hesitate on scolding or even raise my voice as a warning. Oh yeah. Done that before!

Being a mother open up my eyes. How children are adorable, regardless how naughty and stubborn they are (ha..ha..speaking here based on my OWN experience now, ok..). Just look at their smile. Simple. Try it. Find a naughty child (naughty, not devilish ones..ha ha..!) and ask him to smile. You'll see a sinical cute smile on his face that will make you TOO, smile. Even a pale smile, still a a smile, right? Now, get a cute sweet child, and ask him to smile, he'll give you a smile which lead to a peck on his cheek. And you? You'll smile too, probably with tears on the corner of your eyes.

Children, are gifts from God. Take a good care of them, and in return (insya Allah) they will take good care of you. Treat them bad, and they'll do the same or maybe even worse (nauzubillahiminzaalik!).

Watched a tvc which features Afdlin Shauki saving up for his son's college? Where his son kept on complaining this and that? What did the father (Afdlin Shauki) do? And in the end, what did the father get, in return of what he did? Some believe in karma, and I believe in Allah's deed. God has promised us good deeds in return of any, and He never lied. Be grateful, be thankful, be humane and be loved.

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