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I support breast feeding!

Friday, May 8, 2009

we move on..step by step..


we do.

even though the steps we take are just a small ones, we still feel very glad. indeed we are.

the meeting that took place last Wednesday, was a successful one. we soon, are going to move on a little further. recording will start in maybe a week or two..all has to be done before i am due for labour. when i look at the pictures of our meetings (thanks to nodie; it was beautiful), i can see the glitter in almost every faces; the Sorganina's and my hubby.

when the discussion was over, Sorganina thanked me. and my response was;

i did it because of my hubby...

yes, i did it because of love.

the love i have for my husband, the work he's so passionate into, the look of happiness on his face and the continuity of our beautiful life (insya Allah) due to the smoothness of every job's done.

thanks to Ezlynn, for willing to accept us.

thanks to Adam, who's very kind and keen in helping us.

May Allah bless us all..


¿n0die? said...

hebat ah akak.. jelesnye..
nak otograp akak la camtu bule??
gambar pon lawa! gile arghh..

akakkkkkk!!! nk signnnn~....;)

Ami said...

Last conversation kita kat ym ada citer pasal ni. Tahniah akak.
Lepas dari chat tu, sy terfikir pasal penulisan lirik.
Teringin nak cuba.

Elsa Soraya Othman said...

wow ;) ezlynn tuh. sue doakan akak sukses in everything yeah. next month rite due :D the kids must be very proud of u.

eraerzarusli said...

nodie: erkk..apekah? otograp? hambekkk...gambor lawa? aichehhh..sape yg ambekkk...nko, kan? hiks hiks hiks..

Ami: bagus...usaha tangga kejayaan. chaiyok!!

Sue: timakasih bebanyak...insya allah..takde aral, 3 minggu lagi haih..diorang lom paham apa2 lagi..hopefully they will, when they've grown. ;)


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