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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

just a note to remember...

doktor kata air ketuban aku sudah berkurangan 8.6. dalam sukatan apa, aku ak tau. doktor kata juga ia bukan di tahap yang memerlukan 'force labour' kerana ianya di bawah 10 (still aku tak tau apa sukatannya).

so she asked me to monitor baby movements. how? i have to make sure that my baby moves approximately (or should i say, most exactly?) 10 times within 12 hours. and the last moves, the timing must be jotted down.

last sunday, the 1st day of baby movements monitoring, the tenth times was at 1pm (was adviced to starts at 8am). monday, the movements jotted down at 3.40pm. today? now is almost 5pm and the baby only moved 5 times since this morning. had 2 contraction though..i had to hold the pain badly. the pain? is unexplainable. while driving this morning (picking up dalia from school), i was in pain. but as i said yesterday, i have to be strong. for the sake of my children, my family. i am a little worried. i can feel that my baby won't wait till next week.

tomorrow, i'm going for another checkup. if i'm not admitted for labour, tonight.

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¿n0die? said...

OMG! saspen gilak!!
breath in.. breath out..
fuh fuh fuh :D


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