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I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Lately there were so many things that kept me at full astir. With house chores (this is everyday stress contributor), kids, looking after my little sis and bro at my parent's (they left for umrah, remember?), 5th anniversary and my youngest girl in fever, last Friday. But believe it or not I can still manage to squeeze a little space to be online; blogging or spend my few ten's of minutes on Facebook.I guess that's the only way I could find peace, and release a little tense out of me. Now as my kids asleep, I tend to blog, check on my brother's rock-melon website, browsing through my Studio Anggerik website and of course, my Facebook.
As usual, I have lots of things in mind, to be jotted down here. But (as usual, again) got envied by time. Being a full-time housewife is not fun, you know. Fun is something you need to search for; carefully by being a full-time housewife. A little relax, yes. As you don't have to catch deadlines or seeking commissions or whatsoever. But the stressed is tripled! Why? Obviously, I am working 24/7, babe. Regret? Never. I am proud to be a housewife. Very glad with the path chosen 5 years ago. Financial problems? Occurred once in a while (err..every other month, I believe) but manage, or at least trying to manage it wisely. The most important thing is, I get to see my kids growth, in front of my very eyes. I can manage my husband's needs. I can be here, whenever he needs me. I am ready and prepared whenever he needs a shoulder to cry on or maybe just to nagging or babbling about stress at work. See? I am not having fun. People should pay extra credit and respect for women whose called 'housewife'. Like my mother-in-law for instant, she is a housewife for so long and yes, she looks tired. She's only 53 but she looks older. Well, she has no little kids to be taken care of, except one of her grandchild (my younger sis-in-law's) but still she's tired. Pity her, of course. But my father-in-law showers her with love, everyday. I can see that. He' ll bring her out on weekends, visiting relatives here and there, or just sight seeing in KL or Damansara. Shop for groceries at Tesco or Carrefour, and dine together, just the two of them. Sweet, isn't it? Well, they don't have to worry about losing little kids at the mall, or cleaning up the mess after meal at the restaurant. Now it's their time to have fun and relax. Hopefully they'll stay healthy.
My parents? They both are working, still. Dad with his rock-melon farm, with help from my brother. My mum is an officer in the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN). Unlike my in-laws, my parents still have young kids to be sent to school and college. Well, only two left. And of course, at the age of 56 (dad) and 50 (mum) they tend to get tired as well. I hope they will be strong and well, forever!! They seem quite outgoing too. My kid brother been telling me how they went shopping together (at least once a week; my sis Eireen need to re-stock her college needs), dining at Secret Recipe or Manhattan Fish Market, and stuff. Yes, they are busy but still managed to find some time to relax and have fun. Besides, less burden my parents carrying. Me, the first child, married and no longer with them (under one roof), so is my brother Eriq (but he always there, as he continues my dad's legacy in business. Plus, his responsibility is high being the eldest boy in our siblings) and my 3rd sis Eleena, a government officer in Putrajaya now, under Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. She seldom home, for she's renting a room in an apartment there. Travelling from home to Putrajaya is fuel and toll disaster! It's good that she rent a room there. Save cost!
My kid-sisters followed my mum's dream, to study accountancy (Eireen's taking CAT) and being a govt. officer. I was in accountancy course, once. Back in 1997. But I quit. Took only one semester. Why? Well, I was not into accountancy. I am more into broadcasting or mass-communication. Mum said back then, accountancy is the perfect course for the future. I agreed. That's why I managed to finish my Pre-Accountancy course. I failed one subject though. I thought that was the end of it, but no. Got an offer to continue my Diploma. But I hid the offer letter. Truth is, I overheard my parents talking about college fees (me, in ITM, my bro was going to UTM, taking degree in Physics Industry). So I thought, what the heck..Hid the letter and seek for jobs. In my heart, felt kind of happy for I don't have to study subjects I don't like (but now kind of regret it..ha ha). So I told my parents I couldn't continue, and let angah (Eriq) moved on. His fees were around RM1000++ and mine was only 300++. And so he graduated. Me? Moved on doing what I like and working in various companies and places. From a cybercafe in PKNS, to my own Era Shoppe at Pekan KF Alam Sentral, to MPH bookstore Alam Sentral, then KLIA airport limo and last but not least, Ambank Berhad. Good for my resume, you know. :) I have never had the regret by letting go this or that and doing what I thought was right. I know what I should do. A little sacrifice (if you can call it so) won't do me any harm. Look at me now. And look at my brothers and sisters. We are all happy and successful, in our own way and view, of course. I hope this is enough to make our parents proud.

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Aziya said...

F.Y.I, I'd nearly "enrolled" myself to studying in ACCA course and Dip in Accountancy (KYPM) you know... But I'd made-up my mind to take Medical field instead..

Looks like I'd choosing the "right path" .. *laugh*

p/s: I'm gonna look "older" and "wrinklier" if I take those "accountancy" field.. heheheh


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