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I support breast feeding!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

this week's chronology (June 2 - 8, 2008)

*Monday June 2, 08.

Spent the night's at mums. Papa was on emergency leave. Dalili was not well, brought her to the clinic. Went for sight seeing for a while then straight home. Abah and Mami came after Isyak. Brought knick-knacks from wedding ceremony they attended the day before and kids milk. Papa left for Jamming Studio, back around midnight.

*Tuesday June 3, 08.

Nothing much happened. Paid extra attention to Dalili, for she's having fever. Symptoms seen on her sister and brother too. Called mum in Mekah, just to say hi and chat a little. Papa's working, back around 8pm.

*Wednesday June 4, 08.

I started feeling blue. Got dizzy and pain headache. Rest (if i could) most of the time. Around noon, papa called. Informing that the oil price will increase 0.78/litre starting midnight. He was with Abah at Alam Sentral. They hang around quite often, lately. Good, eh? Then around 8pm papa called again. Asked me to pick him up at my mum's. His Juara ran out of fuel. Can't make it home. Petrol station got congested. I went to mum's with my children, pick him up, went to sect. 7 to have dinner (simple ones) and straight home. That night, Ziyad and me, got fever. I checked on Dalia and Dalili, they seem ok.

*Thursday June 5, 08.

Ziyad got up early. We were awaken by Dalia's singing (mayfirst..lambang sejati!). Turned out she was dreaming. ha ha..Dalili was still asleep. Woke her up around 9. Papa refuel our Matrix for the journey, bathe Dalia and Ziyad (and himself too) and around 9.30 we off to mum's. Dalili and I aren't bathing yet. hehehe..but we weren't stinks. arrived at mum's around 10.00. Papa needed to rush for a site visit. He was picked up by his colleague at 10.30. Attended my children, checking up Dalia, she was on fever! Checked my sister and brother, bathe Dalili, and do some laundry. I finally got a chance to bathe around noon, right after I ordered McD for lunch. Done at 12.15pm, got down, McD's arrived, and I was ready to feed porridge for my kids. When I turned to Dalia, she was lying on the sofa helplessly. A trace of vomit can be seen but she seem unaware of it. I called her name repeatedly but she seem lost. I was so afraid. Her eyes weren't looking at me and she didn't respond to my call. I looked for a napkin to wet it and wipe her, to cool her off a bit. Then my sister yelled; Dalia vomit again. Badly. I rushed to her, caressed her, cleaned the puke, kept calling her with tears in my eyes. Her pupils wasn't normally at the place. Terbeliakdan hanya memandang ke atas. I urged my sister to call Papa. Dalia's finally responded but very weakly. Then she cried. I grabbed the phone from my sis and my hubby's got a little anxious too. He asked me to bring Dalia to the clinic and I was kinda mad coz I need to handle 3 kids on my own. But!! For the sake of my Dalia's life, I rushed to the clinic. My sis got CAT exam that day, she couldn't come along, but she manage to put my little Dalili on the baby car seat. I asked my brother Edry instead, just to watch over Ziyad. I carried my 17kg Dalia, to the car. My Dalili was crying and screaming like hell, I finally got to hold her on my lap, all the way to the clinic. Luckily I am the type of person who can think double fast and double wise when i got panicked. Drove slightly faster that i should but Dalia especially and my passengers (kids and bro) generally was the only in my mind. Then papa called, on the way to the clinic too. When I arrived at the clinic, one more problem arose. 'How the heck am I going to carry both of my girls?' I got no choice then to carry them both. Yes, I carried them BOTH! Dalili on the front and Dalia on my back. With slip disc injury history, I prayed that God bless me with extra strength. 20 steps from the car park to the clinic entrance, felt like 2000 steps to reach Mount Kinabalu. Dalia was still crying; on and off actually. Put her on the couch, registering, nursed my Dalili and wait for our turn. 10 minutes passed, papa arrived. Dalia cried, louder. She's papa's girl, by the way. Papa carried her. Calm her down. She was highly on fever, very hot. Met the doc, Dalia's checked, we went back to mum's. Papa called office, reporting for emergency leave, again. I packed our things at mum's and went home. Dalia fallen asleep till 5pm, all that she asked when she woke up was: milk. I gave her boiled sausage, she ate only one. We went out to get fresh air, bought nasi lemak for dinner, she had it with sausage, mine was with beef rendang (but I vomit it all out a few moments later; I wasn't fully recovered from my dizziness and slight fever) and papa need to go to our studio, got jamming session again. Kids asleep at 9.30pm.

*Friday June 6,08.

Dalia was recovering well, slowly. Starting to have appetite to eat. I made her nasi impit and chicken soup. Cooked some rice for us too. She ate quite well. I was so relieved. Papa bathe the children, today. I still got dizzy and no appetite. Vomiting almost anything that got in. Poor me!
Papa came back early, after Jumaat around 3.30pm. Kids were asleep. Papa rest a while, and so was I. Around 6pm, we went out to Pantai Remis. Kids were so happy. Got home around 7.30pm, bathed and out again for late dinner around 9. Here comes the best part..Papa got sued! By the traffic police! He hit the red light. Earlier on, I was jokingly threatened Ziyad, to get him to sit tight or I'll call the police to get him. Didn't think it will be true! Just it wasn't for Ziyad but for Papa. ha ha least we got something to laugh to sect 7, had dinner. went straight home with laughter for the nights closure. Glad, kids are ok. :) Alhamdulillah.

*Saturday June 7, 08.

Got up early. Made breakfast, simple ones; wedges and chicken nuggets.

Papa on his laptop computer, work. Then suddenly he said, 'ma, let's go for a movie..but don't tell the kids yet till we get the tickets.' I said, 'now? really? with the kids? are you sure?' He nodded and we get dressed.

Kids did ask but I told them we are going for a ride around the city. I dressed them with jeans and long sleeve t-shirt/ blouse. The look of wonder still can be seen on their faces for jeans only be worn if we are going to somewhere special and far. This shows how bright my kids are. They know, we weren't just going for a ride. We went to Bukit Tinggi, papa queued for tickets and there! we are officially going to watch a movie; the whole family!! It has been almost 4 years since papa and me been to a movie. We stopped when we got Dalia. How to, right? Finally..I can see that papa looks very happy. We watched Kung Fu Panda. Kids are all ok. Dalili was soundly asleep. As we thought would happen, Ziyad couldn't sit still. Normal. But towards the end of the movie, he fell asleep. I can sense that this might be our monthly activity; watching movies!! But it will all depending on financial situation which gets tighter this month. Fuhh!!..
Around 5pm we went home. Asked my hubby to look for my childhood friends' house nearby our place. Till 7pm we still couldn't find it and the best part, we were confused by nature. Supernatural? hmm.. No comment. We went along Jalan Benteng, to look for my friends' house, turned out it was not there. Got out through Jalan Kenangan, headed home but then papa said let's try again. We turn right at the junction before the big tokong but then suddenly we were at Jalan Benteng again. Uh?? Scary? Nahh..just confused. I am still wondering did we end up at the path we passed quite far. Nevermind, let it remain a mystery.

*Sunday June8, 08.

It's my dad's birthday. he's 56 today. "Happy birthday, ayah!!" I called and wished him exactly at noon, today. He's in Mekah and it was 7am there. He sounded happy. Glad that he is!

Nothing much then having sore throat, kids are all making scenes, I don't know why and let them be, papa at work, earning extra income and ciao!!

-the end-


illya syaheera said...

cute je..nanti update lagi tau! saya suka....kawan eryn, illya..

eraerzarusli said...

ok illya....duly noted.. tq!! hehehehe

Aziya said...

Mayfirst... sungguh allergic mendengar lagu rasmi iklan tue... *geliii* !!!!


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