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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family Gathering!

my dad, on the only seat at my place, zue (sis-in-law), angah, adik,
mak, eirfan (my nephew) kak chik, dalia and ziyad (asleep) and nina.

Not that we had big gathering planned..just coincidentally. but it's fun. dah lama tak rasa seronokmacam ni. semua ada! ayah, mak, angah & famili, nina, kak chik dan adik..see the pic? we were all watching 'Teksi Tunai'. just got back from a housewarming invitation (jiran lama, family friends) nearby my house, papa left us there (ada kerja) and we (me and kids) tumpang angah. ajak ayah sekali dtg umah and there..seronok sungguh..adik buat lawak pasal ayah, tv dan euro 2008..we were all bursting with laughter. even though they were there just for a while, i was so happy and excited enough for the day! i love them!

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zayanayusof said...

wahh kak chik bersama kanak2.


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