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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008



First thing first. Got a new friend, from India named Manish. hmm..wondering how did I get to know him? Well, to my surprise he IM'd me. Was quite a shock when he suddenly appear from nowhere, for his name is not listed as friends or families in my YM list. Asked him how did he 'get' me and he said, from the blog site. ?????????? Blog? Yes. He read my blog. While chatting with him, I kinda smiled, knowing that someone from the other part of the world, reading my blog. it was a nice feeling though. Welcome, Manish! To my friends whom I've known for so long, and my sis in law's friends who doesnt have any bf yet, Manish is quite good looking, girls!! duhhh! hehehe.

Secondly, my mum and dad are off to Makkah tomorrow. Flight at around 3.30pm. As for me, am staying at mum's tonight. So that I can see them off tomorrow. Feel kinda awkward. Missed them already. Emotional eh? My brother told me the same thing too that I am too emotional sometimes. My husband agreed, believe it or not. This is what my bro said to me via email;

aku rasa lg satu memang kau ni terlalu sensitif. pasal mak ayah nak pergi umrah ker apa ker, bukan dah cofirm lama, baru jer dpt confirm pasal sekrg ni nak pg umrahpun penuh. So, takderla nak kecoh2. aku pun ayah tak ckp nak umrah cuma aku tau sdiri je and bagi aku tak perlu pun mak ayah nak bagi tau yer yer semua kita diorg nak pg umrah tu, famili kita kan sempoi2, tak mau la mcm drama swasta..... takder apa2 lah. Konsepnya mudah juga, bila dpt tau apa2, cuma ckp "la... mak nak g umrah ker... bila?... ok" atau "la.. bila nak pergi vacation tu?.... ooo... ok", tu ajerler.... bebudak ni pun tak tau apa2...
Well, I don't take it deeply in my heart for what he said is true. I am sensitive. What to do?

To my dear friend Ninie, since you are in Dubai and if you have time, fly to Makkah and look for my parents, can you? haha..crazy request. She's my good friend. Bet she must be feeling kind of in a mess now if she reads my request. hehehe..just kidding Ninie..

Lately I'm feeling mixed. Got these kinds of happy, uncertain, discomfort, lucky and so many other feelings inside of me at one time. Wondering why....(ninie, I am NOT pregnant, again).

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