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I support breast feeding!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

too many things..

Recently, my husband and I been talking quite a lot about the nation; our beloved country, Malaysia and the political scenario here. Including the current issues, regarding consumer products, high price of rice and music industry. Plus a little here and there about petrol and toll fees. Been exchanging emails with my cousin and she complaints about the same matters too. How business got affected and what will the future be, now that we are living under the opposition government here in Selangor. It does hurt, actually. The affection is quite bad I should say. For a new beginner in business sector, this situation is scary.
Watching the news lately, there are lots of disoriented ways of managing the state by the opposition party. There are still poor people here and there, which they promises the mountain even they couldn't even afford to give them an ant bush. The people are important. Not the money flows. The biggest pig farm in S.E Asia? Where does the sanity and sensitivity goes? But then, as I told my cousin, looking at the bright side, the opposition winnings recently did give a smack right at the faces of the BN party members (or should I say, leaders?) for not listening to the people. For neglecting the needs and the voices of the people of Malaysia. For being too confident and too comfortable on the seat that certainly can't bear their weight forever. They have forgotten about the will and trust given and now they let the people suffer for their mistakes.
I am looking forward for what will they do in order to gain back trust and reduce the anger of the people nationwide. Have they ever wonder why did the anger arise? It's simple. Ignorance. So now I think they have to work harder than usual to mend the broken hearts of many people and I bet it won't be easy. We shall wait, and see.

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