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I support breast feeding!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Story of a friend..

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was. A friend whom introduced to me by my hubby contacted me via sms. Oh yeah, he's my hubby's friend and he's married. we were chatting thru sms about normal things at first. u know, how's life, kids and so on..then it touched my hearts when we move on to more serious subject, accidentally. all these times, i thought i'm having a bad childhood but then i wasn't that bad after all.

this friend of mine (i named him as Tuanku here, as he is royal-blooded fella) been living under stressed for his whole life, as i was told by him. I do pity him just by listening to the matter told. even though he didn't tell me the exact true and whole stories..i felt sad and glad at once. sad for him and glad that my life's not as bad as his.
why are these things happening to us, human beings? as muslims, i can only say its a test. to be a better person, the bigger and harder test one get. I guess, Tuanku must be pressured due to his way of life. maybe he's royal blooded dad just wants the best for Tuanku.

"but...tuanku, confront him, please. ask him what exactly that he wants from you. and why is he acting and treating you like this. "

just by thinking of your situation i feel saddened. pening juga kepala nih. FYI, i can't stop thinking of one matter without trying to solve it. that's just me.

well..kinda feeling bad and this nausea of mine lom habis lagi. asal makan je nak muntah..erhh..tension plak..

till later..zzzzzzz

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