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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

my life. my family.

me, my parents, my siblings and my family; Aidilfitri 2007
I love them all very much! need to bother how did I ever no one knows..duhh!!
Born feb 20th 29 years ago, first child of 5; 3 girls and 2 boys. Now been married for almost 5 years. 5? i said 5? yeah..just about to bloom, I guess. Got 3 kids; 2 girls (very beautiful) and a handsome boy. My life is actually a boring one. Guess that my siblings are more luckier. Sometimes I feel like I do not know what exactly been going on with my life. when sometimes people asked, 'what's my best memories?' I kind of stutter..and quickly said: my marriage, of course. What if the question popped out before I got married? It did, and I didn't answer. Wonder why? Me too.. Nevermind about it. Now I am very happy with my beautiful family. When I got married in 2003, many of my friends asked me whether its for real or was I just teasing them. 'Of course it's for real!' I said. Been brokenhearted so many times and finally getting married. I don't blame my friends for the shocked they got when I gave them my wedding invitations. Thanks to my kind and lovingly husband, Zairi. Nobody's perfect and so are we. Arguments? Always. But, thinking of it, who doesn't? That's normal, spices of life I'd say. Get along, savour the sweetness, taste the bitterness and learn from the mistakes done. See the prof; my 3 beautiful babies. They are growing up as bright as the sunshine. Clever and talkative, quick developing skills and most of all, sweet smiles. Errrmm..what do you think of my children being kids model? hehehe..

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