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I support breast feeding!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bantaan lebih baik dari tambang!


apa yang aku merepek kali ini?

idea tercetus bilamana bersembang pagi dengan suami, tatkala beliau melangkah keluar mahu menghantar si anak ke sekolah.

apa maksud perkataan di tajuk entry di atas?

my mom-in-law is a sabahan, a cocos ethnics. (what is cocos? find it HERE. ) and those words are cocos' words.

bantaan means degil and tambang means nakal. (if any of cocos people read this, correct me if i'm wrong, ya..).

we were actually talking about my beautifully grown first daughter, Erza Dalia. when at some point, my husband ask me whether she's naughty or not on her daily activities at home and i answered 'she's not naughty, she's just stubborn.' and my husband said to me, 'uhhmmm.. just like her mama.' and that's when i replied, 'bantaan lebih baik dari tambang!' and my husband laugh as he went into the car. why did he laugh? only he knows. :)

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