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I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

16-96 reunion!

who's in the pic?
Standing Far Back: Amirderaj, Azizi Alias, Chen Mei Wai and Azua's eldest daughter.
Standing from left: Irwan Syah, Nasaruddin, Zul Khafiz with daughter Amanna, Amirderaj's wife, Sull Hazry, Yaw Wai Leng, Azualina
(former Ketua Kelas) with her 2nd daughter clinging at her back, Azlina Musa (pengantin to be),
Nurul Asyikin with her son and Norzila.
Sitting: Mazni (Nasa's wife), Norafida and her newly born baby, me and my 2 daughters and Zaida with her girl.

Date : 09-08-08
Venue : McD, Section 3.

Oh My God!! Finally we get to meet each other again after long 12 years. I was so excited. but a little disappointed for I went there without my hubby and my son, just with my two daughters. my hubby took my son to our Studio Anggerik to kick some drums and have a 'father & son' moments. Besides, he wanted me to have some fun moments; with friends. thanks hubby..

At first Zul chartered the top floor of McD's but we were outnumbered by other group who was having a blast and vast birthday party. Nevermind, under the stairs is ok too..near to the entrance and the counter.

Back to our reunion (16-96 as we name it; 16 is for our school name, Sek Men Seksyen 16 and 96 is our SPM year), it was amazing. well, it did amaze me, to see old friends again. Those faces i long to see, and missed. almost all of us are married, I'd say. Masing-masing dah kerja bagus, ada life yang hebat la kiranya. Tapi sayang tak ramai yang datang. Biasalah, masing2 ada tugas dan mungkin banyak urusan. Mungkin juga ada yang segan nak datang and made up excuses (zul, zila, you know who i am referring this to) but glad to see quite a number appeared. we chatted, various topics, laugh and snapping pictures together. hope to have the chance to see more of our classmates again; in the next reunion (if any).

Last but not least,
our love and honour
to our school,
Sek Men Seksyen 16, Shah Alam.


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