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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

kids..MY kids..

kelakar ada, geram pun ada.

kids, there weren't a day off from not making scenes. aren't they tired? i know i am. huhuu..but hey, they're just kids. and they are MY kids. they made fun of me, almost all the time. they made me laugh, they made me cry and of course, they pissed me off. ha ha ha.. but that's what you have to 'pay' as a mother, right? look back and think hard, 'have you done the same to YOUR mother?'

my little zahin (a-een) is now more active. teething at the age of 7 months, he's awesome! the earliest of them all and yet, he hasn't start eating. he is still fully breastfed. about to start crawling, i can tell. love bathing him in the sink. hahaha...touching my face and holding my hand is a must, when he wants to sleep. don't know how to put it into words but, he's so adorable.

my third baby, dalili (darling) is getting naughtier each day. hahaha..makin lasak dan makin banyak kerenah. but heaven, she's prettier and cleverer too. watch her vid that i posted on my facebook. funny! her teeth is about to get full now. the last two are rising. hehehe. loves singing very much. she'd sing whenever she wanted to and wherever she's at. no problem. loved to make funny faces when I scolded her. but run and cry loudly when being warned by her daddy. just a warning not even spanking, dear. she screams, a lot! loud and nyaring (what's the word in english?). so, beware. dont tempt her. hahahaha..

my second child, ziyad is one hard fella! easily cried boy but so stubborn. he's quite the same attitude as darling, his younger sister. we (hubby and i) call them number 2 and number 3. they are so alike. stubborn, naughty, scene-maker and cry baby. but, he's handsome. and he's wise. at 4, he has already learn spelling. even only few simple 4-letter words, it's enough to make my eyes full with tears of joy. goodness, he's into computer games now. he'd be online gaming for at least an hour a day. my handphones? dang, he's finished exploring it. his dad's phone? can never ever let it off of sights. his dad was gaping with awe, when ziyad showed him how to operate and play java games on my hp. well, i said to him, he's MY son. hahahahaha.

my first princess, dalia (kakak) is growing more beautiful. how time flies. she's about to be 6 this september. i can still remember her first laugh, smile and everything. she's my princess. and guess what, she's more and more like me now. the way she scolded at her younger siblings, how she acted when her sister wants a drink, how pissed she got when her brother tore apart her book, and how caring and loving she'd be with her little brother, a-een. she can dress darling, help darling washed her hands, folding clothes (small and easy ones, of course), taking care of a-een when i bath or in the loo, setting up her bed, cleaning up messes and even washing dishes. well, i never let her do the dishes, it's just i caught her in the kitchen with her sleeve so wet and the dishes all cleaned up. luckily, those were only plastic mugs. :) yesterday, she was drawing. asking me how to write a million. i showed her. and then she asked about RM10. i wrote it as 10.00. but she refused accepting it. she said, she wanted the square one. i was like, uhh?? then she drew it. then i understand, a rm10 note. then she asked me to draw one more thing. i asked her, 'what is it?' she answered, 'alaaa...yang ada gambar papa kat duit tu..' once again, cat got my tongue. but wasn't for long before i realized, she meant the picture of the Agong on the note. OMG, Agong is papa? papa is Agong? hehehehe..i can't stop laughing, yesterday.

i state here again and again and again;
i love my children, more than anything.

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