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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Monday, January 11, 2010

kenapa la ekk..

kenapa selalu ada je yg melatah bila baca blog aku ni? aku tak halang sesiapa nak baca dan aku juga tak paksa sesiapa jua yg nak baca. terpulang. its all up to you. whether or not you want to drop by and read me, or just passing by. truly, i don't really care.

one thing and one thing only i'm asking. if you want to read, DO READ PROPERLY! dont jump into conclusion so quickly, you end up pissing me off and be somewhat annoying by leaving some emotional-based comment(s).

thank you so much!!


+h.a.z.e.r.i.n+ said...

ok. dah baca properly.

eraerzarusli said...

hahaha..rin..rin..pandai wat akak gelak. ;)


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