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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meet my Erza no. 5

This is my 3rd son, my youngest child. Born Feb 23, 2012. His name is Zikry Erza. It was also a joyful moment of wanting to know the gender of the baby, since he's been 'hiding' it from the start. I was thinking of a girl but deep in my heart, I kind of know that it will be a boy. That's what you called hunch. He's the last. 'Ikat' already. Cannot bear the post-partum  pain of Caesarian Section. Third time in a row! Mothers out there, if you are given the chance to give normal delivery, be strong and face it. It is indeed the greatest gift of all. The best experience ever! Had 2 normal delivery (SVD) and 3 C-sect (LSCS) and that's enough for me. Now, time for me to concentrate on raising them and well educating them. Besides, I want some achievements for myself too.

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