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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Susu Formula

Note: Based on experience. NO OBLIGATION on other parents decision about their children's formula.

I have 4 kids, that are still consuming milk powder, besides the youngest which is still nursing. Milk is good for children. No one can deny it. Unless for kids who is lactose-allergic.

My 2 younger kids, consuming Dutch Lady 123 and 456. Both in original flavour. Itu yang serasi dengan mereka. Since my first baby aged 2, memang Dutch Lady Milk jadi pilihan. Tried other brands; Nespray, Fernleaf, Dugro, you name it but still Dutch Lady is their favourites. My 3rd baby had once 'berak-berak' while consuming Dutch Lady though. I stopped for a while, tried this and that but then coming back to Dutch Lady, changing only the amount of scoops of milk.

Fernleaf is too oily. Stained the bottle. My baby purged quite often. Dugro is extra sweet. Nespray? Rejected the first time they tried it. I don't know why. But they all love Pediasure by Abbott. Unfortunately, the price is killing us, the average-incomed-parents who live in the suburbs. Haven't tried Sustagen, though. Maybe never will, for the price is quite expensive.

Should auditioned for Abbotts commercial, perhaps? So that we can get an all year round supplies? Hehehe..

Choose wisely. Your money, your children, your future with them, YOU decide.

Take care!

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